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B. B. Warfield Collection (20 vols.)

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B. B. Warfield ranks among America’s greatest theologians and Reformed theology’s most ardent defenders. As a prolific writer and accomplished scholar, Warfield defended Reformed confessionalism against the extremes of nineteenth century modernist and revivalist theology, and defined the parameters of theological method for the twentieth century. The 20-volume B. B. Warfield Collection includes Warfield’s works on biblical inspiration and authority, textual criticism, Calvinism, biblical theology, and Christian perfectionism.

The B. B. Warfield Collection from Logos includes the entire 10-volume Works of Benjamin B. Warfield, published in the decade following Warfield’s death in 1921, plus ten additional volumes which contain books, articles, and lectures not found in the original ten volumes. What’s more, with the power of the Logos Digital Library, the entire 20-volume B. B. Warfield Collection is fully searchable and easily accessible. The Scripture references in Warfield’s books are linked to your favorite Bible translations and Greek texts, and important theological concepts are linked to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the wealth of resources in your Logos Digital Library.

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  • The original 10-volume Works of Benjamin B. Warfield
  • An additional ten volumes of books, articles, and lectures not included in the original 10-volume Works of Benjamin B. Warfield
His mind was so clear and his literary style so chaste and lucid that it is a real joy to read his works and one derives pleasure and profit at the same time.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

  • Title: B. B. Warfield Collection (20 vols.)
  • Authors: Benjamin B. Warfield
  • Volumes: 20
  • Pages: 7,118
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Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield was born in 1851 in Lexington, Kentucky. He studied mathematics and science at Princeton University and graduated in 1871. In 1873, he decided to enroll at Princeton Theological Seminary, where he was taught by Charles Hodge. He graduated from seminary in 1876, and was married shortly thereafter. He traveled to Germany later that year to study under Franz Delitzsch.

After returning to America, Warfield taught at Western Theological Seminary (now Pittsburgh Theological Seminary). In 1881, Warfield co-wrote an article with A. A. Hodge on the inspiration of Scripture—a subject which dominated his scholarly pursuits throughout the remainder of his lifetime. When A. A. Hodge died in 1887, Warfield became professor of Theology at Princeton, where he taught from 1887–1921. History remembers Warfield as one of the last great Princeton Theologians prior to the seminary’s re-organization and the split in the Presbyterian Church.

B. B. Warfield died in 1921.


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Collection value: $226.30
Save $56.31 (24%)