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Camp Logos 1 (Logos 5)

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Did you know that most Logos users only utilize 10% or less of Logos’ full potential? Well, now you can learn how to tap into the other 90%.

For over 13 years, tens of thousands of seminar attendees have all attested to one thing: Camp Logos works. From basic features to advanced tools, Camp Logos will help you hone your use of Logos Bible Software, taking your bible study to a whole new level. And now, Logos Bible Software is bringing Camp Logos straight to your computer with Camp Logos Live!

Camp Logos 1 takes Morris Proctor’s highly effective training from his seminars to your computer, allowing you to make use of this powerful seminar from anywhere in the world, with just the click of a mouse.

Check out the 10-minute preview of Camp Logos: you’ll see just a fraction of what you can learn with Morris Proctor’s training.

  • Over eight hours of training
  • Interactive guides
  • Pause when you need to and work at your own pace
  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Setting Up the Home Page
    • Home Page Overview
    • Customize the Home Page
    • Home Page on Startup
  • Studying with the Home Page
    • Choose Your Preferred Bible
    • Reference Box
    • Topic Study
    • Passage Study
  • Studying with the Guides
    • Collapse the Guides
    • Passage Guide
    • Exegetical Guide
    • Bible Word Study for Greek Word
    • Bible Word Study for English Word
    • Topic Guide
    • Sermon Starter Guide
    • Customize Reports
    • Customize Templates
    • Spreadsheet View
  • Seeking the Bible Facts
    • Biblical Facts Overview
    • Biblical People
    • Biblical Places
    • Biblical Things
    • Biblical Events
    • Bible Facts on the Passage Guide
    • Bible Facts on the Right Click Menu
  • Structuring the Library
    • Library Overview
    • Spreadsheet
    • Locating Resources
    • Prioritizing Resources Pt 1
    • Prioritizing Resources Pt 2
    • Using Prioritized Resources
  • Staging the Screen
    • Opening Resources
    • Reference Box
    • Linking
    • Changing Fonts and Text Size
    • Cross References
    • Bible Text Only
    • Another Resource in a New Tab
    • Another Resource in the Same Tab
    • The Tab System
    • Right Click Tabs
  • Searching the Resources
    • Searching Overview
    • Search Collections Pt 1
    • Search Collections Pt 2
    • Basic Word Search
    • Basic Phrase Search
    • Basic Bible Reference Search
    • Basic Search Results
    • Bible Search Ranges
    • Bible Word/Phrase Search
    • Case Sensitive Search
    • All Word Forms Search
    • Bible Search Results
    • Right Mouse Searching
    • Look Up Search
    • Power Searching
    • Proximity Searching
    • Clause Search
  • Surveying the Reverse Interlinears
    • Displaying the Reverse Interlinears
    • Alignment Indicators
    • Original Language Word Study
  • Sensing the Meaning
    • Bible Sense Lexicon Overview
    • Study a Sense
    • Study a Word
    • Bible Sense from Resources
  • Scanning Historical Events
    • Timeline Overview
    • Timeline Filter
    • Timeline Find
    • Event Information
    • Open Timeline from a Resource
    • Link Timeline to a Resource
  • Swinging Back By
    • History
    • Bookmarks
    • Favorites
    • Layouts
  • Saving the Data
    • Creating a Note File
    • Add a User Created Note
    • Add a Note to a Verse
    • Note Indicators
    • Change Note Indicators
    • Deleting Notes
    • Clippings
  • Title: Camp Logos 1
  • Author: Morris Proctor
  • Publisher: MP Seminars
  • Resource Type: Download
  • Logos Version: Logos 5
  • Product Type: Logos 5 Training Products

Morris Proctor, authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software, offers 2-day Camp Logos training seminars at dozens of locations around the country. Ever since Logos Bible Software revolutionized his personal study, he has been devoting his time through his company, Morris Proctor Seminars, to train Logos users to realize its full potential.

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