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The Dangerous Duty of Delight

Format: Digital
, 2001


“The radical pursuit of joy in God may cost you your life.… But it will be worth it.” The world has an inconsolable longing, which it tries to satisfy with anything but God. Scenic vacations. Sexual exploits. Ascetic rigors. Managerial excellence. Sports extravaganzas. We have turned our back to the breathtaking beauty of God and fallen in love with our shadow. To delight in the Light is a dangerous duty indeed. It may cost you your friends. It may cost you your reputation. It may cost you your life. But it will be worth it. Because the steadfast love of the Lord is better than life (Psalm 63:3)! In 96-pages, John Piper distills the essence of “Christian Hedonism.” This is not a word game. It is the Biblical reality of the glorified God and the satisfied soul. We invite you to come and feast. The author’s now classic ideas are presented here in an accessible size that will allow readers to absorb and apply them quickly—leading them to a dramatically different and joyful experience of their faith. Filled with biblical reasons for living a life of celebration, this life-changing read helps people discover not only why but how to delight more fully in the Lord. John Piper turns your heart towards the one true Object of human desire—God. He shows how fulfilling your duty to delight in Him can change your attitude toward worship, toward marriage, toward material goods, toward your very mission and purpose on earth! Join him on a journey from desperate desire to infinite delight!

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