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ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible

, 2008


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Now the complete ESV Bible comes alive in audio format! The new ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible provides more than 75 hours of Bible reading, conveniently captured in digital form for listening at home, in your car, or on your mobile device. The word-for-word precision, literary excellence, dignity, and beauty of the ESV Bible come through with remarkable clarity in this audio recording. The ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible is ideal for busy commuters, people on the go, and for the visually impaired—anyone who prefers to listen to as well as read the Bible. Now you can listen to precise word-for-word translation and engage with the Word of God like never before.

Based on our agreement with the rights holder, this product is only available for streaming via an internet connection and cannot be downloaded for offline use.

A downloadable version is also available to purchase.

Get the ESV Study Bible Notes.

You need the ESV Bible in order to listen to the ESV Audio Bible using Logos’s Read Aloud feature. The ESV is available in our store—learn more about the ESV and ESV products in Logos Bible Software.

The English Standard Version™ is founded on the conviction that the words of the Bible are the very words of God. And because the words themselves—not just the thoughts or ideas—are inspired by God, each word must be translated with the greatest precision and accuracy. The ESV Bible translation emphasizes word-for-word accuracy, literary excellence, and depth of meaning. Millions prefer this translation for personal reading, for public worship, for in-depth study, and for Scripture memorization.

Logos Bible Software remembers where you left off, so when you shut down your computer and open the app on your smartphone or tablet, Logos picks up on the very word you ended.

Key Features

  • Presents a word-for-word audio version of the highly popular ESV
  • Provides easy-listening whether at home or on-the-go
  • Gives complete audio recordings of both the Old and New Testaments
  • Title: English Standard Version Audio
  • Publisher: Crossway
  • Print Publication Date: 2008
  • Logos Release Date: 2013
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Synced Audio
  • Subjects: Bible › English; Bible › English--Audio versions
  • Resource ID: LLS:ESVAUDIO
  • Resource Type: Media
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-09-22T20:40:28Z


425 ratings

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  1. J. P.

    J. P.


  3. Mike Powers

    Mike Powers


  4. Manuel Fernandez
  5. Richard C. Hammond, Jr.
  6. Greg Wright

    Greg Wright


    I've listened to many hours of this. It's good but I don't like the reader's voice. There is just something about it that gets on my nerves after a while. I wish there was a choice of different readers.
  7. 大衛



  8. Mike



  9. Mal Walker

    Mal Walker


    Excellent audio narration, no issues or concerns with audio quality, pronunciation etc. My frustration is that this product is only licensed for online streaming and not local download for offline use. Thus, whenever I am out of wifi/mobile reception range (a common occurrence in Australia) I cannot use it. I would happily pay for offline use and would encourage faithlife to obtain a new agreement to that end.
  10. shane blyth

    shane blyth


    Why can't I listen when I am offline that is a major problem. Apart from that it's excellent.


Print list price: $29.99
Save $29.99 (100%)