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Classic Studies on Baptism (42 vols.)

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This tremendous collection of classic works on baptism presents the history, biblical testimony, and systematic treatment on this topic of perennial importance from eminent scholars and pastors on each side of the debate. What is the biblical mode of baptism: immersion, sprinkling, pouring, or dipping. Or do several find warrant in Scripture? Should Christians practice trine immersion, sprinkling, or pouring? Who are the proper subjects of baptism: only professing adults, or also believers’ children? What is the biblical origin of baptism, and can precursors be found in the Old Testament? What is the significance of baptism: is it a memorial, a sign and seal; does it regenerate? How does all this fit together into a coherent doctrine of baptism? All these questions and more are answered in this remarkable collection. The value of these volumes is enhanced by the fact that many of them reference and interact with each other, giving this collection a dialogic quality that allows you to trace the classic debates on baptism from each view’s leading representatives. The usefulness of these cross-references is maximized by the Logos editions, which allow you to pull up citations between works with a click.

Several works offer multivolume treatments of baptism and all its related topics for a comprehensive overview and orientation, such as William Wall’s massive four-volume The History of Infant Baptism and Abraham Booth’s three-volume Paedobaptism Examined. Other volumes focus on specific issues within the study of baptism, such as its proper mode, subjects, and baptismal regeneration. And others offer in-depth historical analyses of baptism, which trace the development of the doctrine and practice from its earliest precursors up to the modern times. These include works such as A Question in Baptist History, in which former SBTS president William Heth Whitsitt presents historical evidence that, before 1641, Baptists did not immerse, but practiced sprinkling and pouring. For other volumes, the purpose is to analyze the various views of baptism and present the most biblically sound and historically grounded understanding of the ordinance, often from authors who themselves changed from one view to another after diligent study that they now share with their readers.

For more classic studies on baptism, check out Inquiry into the Usage of Baptizo (5 vols.), Classic Baptist Books from the Roger Williams Heritage Archive, and Thomas Crosby’s respected The History of the English Baptists (4 vols.).

Resource Experts
  • Biblical and systematic analysis of the doctrine of baptism
  • Comprehensive treatments of the history of baptism in Scripture and extrabiblical texts
  • Presentation of the case for infant baptism and believers-only baptism from leading representatives
  • Title: Classic Studies on Baptism
  • Print Publication Dates: 1815–1901
  • Volumes: 42
  • Resources: 37
  • Pages: 14,214
  • Language: English
  • Resource ID: {CEA60394-5DDC-49FB-A922-D357C83674A9}
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2 ratings

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  1. Greg Hoerter

    Greg Hoerter


    Hmm, "Classic" studies on Baptism, but no Catholic point of view. The Catholic perspective is 2,000 years old vs. the Baptist or Presbyterian which are both since the reformation. Very incomplete and biased.
  2. Jerome Smith

    Jerome Smith


    This is a not only great, but superb collection on the subject of baptism. I have many of these books in my print library, and have studied them thoroughly and repeatedly. I've even read some of them aloud to my family. These works make for good Bible study. I have learned much I did not know before by studying the books I have in this collection. I look forward to having the volumes I do not have once this collection makes it into production. I must say, these books, carefully studied, will shed light on many things throughout the Bible one would otherwise miss. It is helpful to learn what others who are sound on the Bible believe about this issue.
  3. Michael ibach

    Michael ibach


    42 volumes on baptism wow, if 1+1=2 and 1+1 equaling any other number is wrong. I wonder how much of 42 volumes on baptism is wrong. Baptism was the very first thing I tackled as a new Christian. Oneness Pentecostal formula vs Trinitarian, adult vs infant, full immersion vs sprinkling. As a new Christian and being very overwhelmed by the bible as a whole and knowing I could easily miss something. I took all my questions to God and in time He showed me the way. Did you know that the answers to all these questions is actually hidden in the Old Testament.
  4. Timothy L. Stout
    I'm just a bit confused, as this was sent to me under the subject of 'Logos Lutheran Resources', but there is not a Lutheran in the mix. Also no Roman Catholics or Eastern Orthodox authors. You would think that only Baptists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians (and their descendants) ever had anything to say on the subject. Since the perspective on pedobaptism of Lutherans, Catholics and Orthodox is somewhat different than that of Protestants, this is a significant oversight.



    But would like to see more on doctrine factual
  6. Brian K

    Brian K


    I'm a little surprised to see that the "Believers-only Baptism" side doesn't include Nehemiah Coxe and Adoniram Judson, but this looks like a great collection!


Collection value: $362.13
Save $77.14 (21%)
Payment plans available in cart