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Classic Baptist Books is an arm of The Roger Williams Heritage Archives, which is a ministry of Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Watertown, Wisconsin. The purpose of the Classic Baptist Books collection is to put into easy access Baptist works which either have gone out of print, are in print but difficult to obtain, or are of such significance that an electronically searchable edition offers significant benefits to the Baptist and even non-Baptist community.

When the College received a sizable collection of Baptist works from its first Academic Dean, Dr. Richard C. Weeks (many of which have been out of print for long years and some almost completely unavailable today even in the used market), the desire immediately arose to put these into a format available for anyone to access.

There are over one hundred works in this collection, including such standards as A History of the Baptists by Thomas Armitage (including all 161 pictures and portraits), A Concise History of the Baptists by G. H. Orchard, and works by well known men such as David Benedict, John A. Broadus, Francis Wayland, J. B. Jeter and numerous others. There are also more than 200 short biographies of Baptists of the past.

Resource Experts
The editors of the Roger Williams Heritage Archives have attempted to maintain the original appearance as much as possible in the conversion to an electronic format. Original page divisions have been preserved for bibliographic purposes.

—Larry R. Oats Chairman, Dept. of Bible and Church Ministries, Maranatha Baptist Bible College

  • Title: Classic Baptist Books
  • Publisher: Roger Williams Heritage Archive
  • Volumes: 330
  • 215 Miscellaneous Short Biographies
  • Baptist Fundamentals
  • Baptists Thorough Reformers - John Q Adams
  • A History of the Baptists - Thomas Armitage
  • The Baptisms of the New Testament - Joseph Belcher
  • History of the Baptists - David Benedict
  • Bible Societies and the Baptists - C C Bitting
  • Immersion Essential to Christian Baptism - John A Broadus
  • The Duty of Baptists to Teach their Distinctive Views - John A Broadus
  • The Early Protestants of the East - L P Brockett
  • Memorials of Baptist Martyrs - J Newton Brown
  • Popular Objections to Baptist Principles and Practices - J L Burrows
  • The Story of the English Baptists - John Carlile
  • Baptists and their Doctrine - B H Carroll
  • The Papal System - William Cathcart
  • Memoir of Adoniram Judson - J Clement
  • Restriction of the Lord’s Supper - Henry F Colby
  • Baptist History - J M Cramp
  • Baptist Why and Why Not - J M Frost
  • Why Sunday Schools in Baptist Churches - N B Broughton
  • A Declaration of Faith - J Newton Brown
  • The Distinctive Baptist Why - R M Dudley
  • Why Baptist and not Presbyterian - T S Dunaway
  • Why Local Churches and not State Church - G B Eager
  • Why the Bible and Not Other Standards - T T Eaton
  • Why Baptist and not Campbellite - E E Folk
  • Why Conventions of Baptist Churches - J B Gambrell
  • Why Education by Baptist Schools - J P Greene
  • Why Close Communion and not Open Communion - O L Hailey
  • Why Missionary and not Anti-Missionary - W M Harris
  • Why the Baptist Sentiment - W E Hatcher
  • Why Baptism of Believers and not Infants - R P Johnston
  • Why the Baptist Doctrine - F H Kerfoot
  • Why Missionary and not “Omissionary” - Curtis Lee Laws
  • Why Baptist and Not Roman Catholic - Henry McDonald
  • Why Baptism as Symbol and not a Saving Ordinance - J B Moody
  • Why Teach the Bible in Baptist Colleges - E B Pollard
  • Why Become a Baptist - David M Ramsey
  • Why Converted Church Membership - J O Rust
  • Why Loyalty to Baptist Principles - H F Sproles
  • Why Immersion and not Sprinkling or Pouring - C A Stakely
  • Why Ask Money for the Cause of Christ - C E Taylor
  • Why Baptist and Not Episcopalian - J J Taylor
  • Why the Denominational Paper - A J S Thomas
  • Why Baptist and Not Methodist - R A Venable
  • The Relation of Baptism to the Lord's Supper - H L Gear
  • Bye-Paths In Baptist History - J J Goadby
  • The Pastor: His Qualifications and Duties - H Harvey
  • A History of Baptism - Isaac Taylor Hinton
  • The Holy Supper: In History And Scripture - Alvah Hovey
  • The Evils of Infant Baptism - Alvah Hovey
  • Trilemma - J R Graves
  • Memoir of Robert Haldane and James Alexander Haldane - Alexander Haldane
  • Terms of Communion at the Lord’s Table - R B C Howell
  • The Evils of Infant Baptism - R B C Howell
  • Ann of Ava - Ethel Daniel Hubbard
  • What Made Me a Baptist? - C A Jenkens
  • Baptist Doctrines - Charles A Jenkens
  • Baptist Faith and Practice - Thomas Armitage
  • Baptists and Missions - A H Burlingham
  • Immersion Essential to Christian Baptism - J L Burrows
  • Infant Baptism Unscriptural - William Cathcart
  • Close Communion - R M Dudley
  • The Multiplicity of Denominations an Evil - J B Gambrel
  • Missions The Spirit of Christianity - J B Hartwell
  • Why the Baptists do not Baptize their Infants - W E Hatcher
  • The Inspiration of the Scriptures - J B Jeter
  • Baptist Churches Apostolical - Albert H Newman
  • The Difference Between a Baptist Church and All Other Churches - Thomas Henderson Pritchard
  • Church Independence- Justin A Smith
  • Baptismal Regeneration - C H Spurgeon
  • The Gospel Ministry - J M Stifler
  • The Position of Baptism in the Christian System - H H Tucker
  • True Godliness - Benjamin Keach
  • The Baptism of Roger Williams - Henry Melville King
  • John Myles - Henry Melville King
  • Baptist Worthies - William Landels
  • Why I Am a Baptist - Clarence Larkin
  • The Baptists in History - George Lorimer
  • The Axioms of Religion - E Y Mullins
  • Fundamentals of the Faith - William D Nowlin
  • A Concise History of the Baptists - G H Orchard
  • Protestant Pedobaptism and the Doctrine of a Church - Howard Osgood
  • What We Believe: Handbook for Baptist Churches - C H Parrish
  • The World’s Debt to the Baptists - J W Porter
  • A Defence of Restricted Communion - S Remington
  • The Baptists in the Building of the Nation - B F Riley
  • The Early Baptists of Philadelphia- David Spencer
  • Eccentric Preachers - C H Spurgeon
  • The History of the Freewill Baptists Vol 1 - I D Stewart
  • Roger Williams: Prophet and Pioneer of Soul Liberty- Arthur B Strickland
  • A Book of Remembrance - David Thompson
  • The Baptist Spirit - I J Van Ness
  • Notes On the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches - Francis Wayland
  • Apostolical Church Polity - William Williams
  • History of the Waldenses - J A Wylie
  • The Madison Avenue Lectures - Henry G Weston
  • The Relationship Between Baptism and Communion - Thomas Anderson
  • The Evils of Infant Baptism - A N Arnold
  • Baptism a Symbol - George Boardman
  • Baptist Church History - R J W Buckland
  • Church Worship - Samuel Caldwell
  • The Spiritual Constitution of the Christian Church - C B Crane
  • The Obligation of the Church Respecting the Holy Scriptures - Henry C Fish
  • The Rise and Development of Sectarianism in Christendom - William Hague
  • The Bible the only Standard of Christian Doctrine and Duty - Alvah Hovey
  • Missionof Baptists - J B Jeter
  • The Symbolism of the Communion - Lemuel Moss
  • Baptism - G D B Pepper
  • The Qualifications for Baptism - Henry Robins E
  • The Relation of the Church to the Bible - E G Robinson
  • Church Polity - George W Samson
  • Qualifications for the Communion - John W Sarles
  • The Communion - Henry G Weston
  • The Church in its Relations to the State - William R Williams
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Collection value: $598.00
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