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Pastorum Live 2012 Conference Videos

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The Pastorum Live conference brought together 21 evangelical scholars, some of whom have published academic commentaries, monographs, and biblical-language grammars. Now you’ll be able to purchase all 21 sessions to watch whenever you’d like.

Throughout the more than 10 hours of footage from Pastorum Live 2012, you’ll learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls, Paul in Athens, the Sermon on the Mount, and lots of other topics. You’ll be better equipped to go deeper into the Word for Bible study, sermon preparation, and teaching.

Not only will you receive video of the Pastorum Live 2012 sessions, but you will also receive the transcribed text from each session. This means all of the content from Pastorum 2012 will now be searchable in your Logos library. You’ll be able to highlight, take notes, and pull key points into your sermons and presentations.

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Key Features

  • Search video content from within your Logos library
  • Take notes and make highlights in the transcribed text from each session
  • Learn from speakers who teach in depth on Bible backgrounds, Paul in Athens, the Sermon on the Mount, and more
  • Further your study with the Suggested Readings list that accompanies each lecture


  • “Gleaning from the Greek: Wresting or Reading?” by Bob Yarbrough
  • “The Dead Sea Scrolls and New Testament Christology” by Craig Evans
  • “Across Cultures, Across Centuries” by Craig Keener
  • “What Pleases God? The Hebrew Key to Divine Satisfaction (Deut 10:12–11:1)” by Dan Block
  • “The Four Questions People Ask (And pastors Must Answer)” by Dan Doriani
  • “Twists and Turns in Jesus’ Parables in Luke” by David Garland
  • “Paul in Athens: Altars, Temples, Philosophers, Areopagus Council Members, and Paul’s Mission” by Eckhard Schnabel
  • “Preaching from Old Testament Narratives” by John Walton
  • “Revelation and Identification: The Two Pillars of Apply Biblical Narratives” by Jonathan Pennington
  • “Structure and Meaning: Discovering Meaning in the Structure of the Text” by Mark Futato
  • “Use and Abuse of the Biblical Languages in Teaching and Preaching” by Mark Strauss
  • “How to Interpret the Bible Out of Context” by Michael Heiser
  • “Reading the Bible to Equip the Church for Its Mission” by Mike Goheen
  • “Jesus, the Kingdom, and the Church” by Nick Perrin
  • “Exodus in Ancient and Christological Contexts” by Peter Enns
  • “The Old Testament Vision of a Wise Reader of Scripture” by Richard S. Briggs
  • “Hermeneutics and Power: Biblical Interpretation That Hurts or Heals” by Roy Ciampa
  • “The Sermon on the Mount as Gospel” by Scot McKnight
  • “How Greek Can Make Your Life Easier—Really” by Sean McDonough
  • “Ephesians; a Manifesto for the Church” by Te-Li Lau
  • “Cross Purposes: Following Jesus in the Roman Empire” by Warren Carter

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  • Conference date: June 5–6
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