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Journal of Hebrew Scriptures | JHS: 1996-2020 (20 vols.)


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Established in 1996, the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures is an academic, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of the Hebrew Bible, providing a forum for critical scholarly exchange to foster scholarly research on the Hebrew Bible, ancient Israel’s history, and cognate fields of study.

Filled with hundreds of articles from top Hebrew scholars on the latest trends in Hebrew and Old Testament scholarship, including historical, literary, textual, and interpretive topics. The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures also includes hundreds of reviews of the most important scholarly works, lexicons and grammars, and reference works from Old Testament scholarship.

Note that this collection is missing volume 13..

  • Equips you with access to hundreds of articles and reviews
  • Provides thousands of pages of scholarly articles
  • Contains contributions from top Hebrew scholars on the latest research and trends
  • Academic, peer-reviewed articles and reviews
  • Old Testament scholarship from top Hebrew scholars
  • The latest research and trends
  • Philip R. Davies
  • William K. Gilders
  • Philippe Guillaume
  • Gary N. Knoppers
  • Aron Pinker
  • John Van Seters
  • Ehud Ben Zvi
  • Walter Brueggemann
  • Anthony Campbell
  • Terence E. Fretheim
  • Mark D. Futato
  • Richard S. Hess
  • Alice Hunt
  • Bruce M. Metzger
  • Mark O’Brien
  • Annette Schellenberg
  • C. L. Seow
  • Marvin Sweeney
  • Title: Journal of Hebrew Scriptures | JHS
  • Editor: Ehud Ben Zvi
  • Publisher: Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
  • Volumes: 19
  • Publication Date: 1996-2020
  • Format: Digital > Logos Research Edition
  • Resource ID: {F0A2AB57-214A-4A44-98C6-20564252A0E4}
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Fully integrated into your digital library, Logos Bible Software enables you to instantly see your journal resources with all of the other related content in your digital library to contextualize the people, places, and ideas discussed in the journal with thousands of other biblical and world events. You can search by author and Scripture passage—and find it all instantly! What’s more, Scripture references are linked to the Hebrew texts and to the wealth of language resources in your digital library. Save yourself from turning pages, from cross-referencing citations, and from unnecessarily complex research projects. The Logos edition of Journal of Hebrew Scriptures also allows you to cut-and-paste the content you need for citations—and automatically create footnotes in your document using your preferred style guide.

Ehud Ben Zvi received his Ph.D. from Emory University in 1990, and serves as professor in the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta. He devotes his teaching and research energies to the Hebrew Bible, the Ancient Near East, the Second Temple Period, and Judaism, and has published several books and numerous articles. In addition to serving as general editor for the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, he has served as the president of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies and as the president of the Northwest American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Review of Biblical Literature.


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    Collection value: $379.81
    Save $79.82 (21%)
    Payment plans available in cart