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Products>Cultural Intelligence: Living for God in a Diverse, Pluralistic World

Cultural Intelligence: Living for God in a Diverse, Pluralistic World

, 2020
ISBN: 9781430076476

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Cultural intelligence requires that we understand the changing world around us, and engage these changes in ways that edify the church and winsomely seek after the lost. In Cultural Intelligence, Darrell L. Bock builds a theology of cultural engagement, and equips readers to relate well to their culture with an eye on the example set by Paul in the New Testament. This timely book will highlight the need to center our beliefs and practices around God’s word while interacting well with a culture that is increasingly detached from biblical truth.

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  • Introduces many of the key issues culturally, biblically, and theologically that must be considered
  • Outlines for believers how culture and theology interact in the context of the church’s mission
  • Encourages readers not to confront culture, but to transform culture through scriptural grounding and relational engagement
  • A Theology of Cultural Intelligence
  • Back to the Future: Lessons on Engagement from Paul
  • Difficult Conversations: How to Make Them Better
  • What Is the Purpose of Salvation and the Biblical Imperative of Love?
  • Intelligent Cultural Engagement and the Bible: A Second Effective Way to Teach Scripture
Driven by an urgency for the Church fulfilling its mandate to make disciples of all nations, Darrell Bock presents the need for evangelistic engagement that reflects a cultural intelligence characterized by conviction, conscientiousness, compassion, and contextualization. It’s an important read for all who seek missional effectiveness in these changing times.

Claude Alexander, senior pastor, The Park Church, Charlotte, NC

Dr. Darrell Bock’s challenge in Cultural Intelligence is a critically needed and gentle course correction for the church in America today if we ever hope to bridge the sacred-secular divide. He convincingly admonishes us from six key New Testament passages to become ambassadors of reconciliation, introducing complicated modern lives to the truth of the Bible, not the other way around, with a gentle and respectful tone. He reminds us that engagement’s purpose is to get a hearing for the gospel which offers a despairing culture a powerful hope. Dr. Bock’s approach to engaging the American culture, minus the Judeo-Christian safety net, resembles the thoughtful and intentional preparation of a cross-cultural foreign missionary serving in a creative access country.

Mike Chupp, chief executive officer, Christian Medical & Dental Associations

Many Christians today are experiencing a ‘cultural concussion.’ Frustrated that they’ve lost something from the past and no longer sure of where they are, Christians in the West find themselves grasping to get their bearings and fearful of an uncertain future. Unsure of how to proceed, the temptation for the church is to either ‘come out swinging’ or retreat to the safe confines of their own communities. Cultural Intelligence offers a different way forward, which includes both a cure and a calling: a gospel that connects us to God and transforms our whole lives—not only what we believe, but also who we are, what we say, and how we say it. Darrell Bock is a world-class New Testament scholar with a pastor’s heart, a doctor with a bedside manner, who helps us not only get our biblical bearings but also shows us how the church can recalibrate our approach to become a field hospital for sinners.

Joshua D. Chatraw, executive director, Center for Public Christianity, and theologian-in-residence, Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Darrell L. Bock

Dr. Darrell L. Bock, research professor of New Testament studies and professor of spiritual development and culture at Dallas Theological Seminary, serves as editor-at-large forChristianity Today, and is on the board of Chosen People Ministries and Wheaton College. From 2000 to 2001, Dr. Bock served as president of the Evangelical Theological Society.

He has earned international recognition as a Humboldt Scholar for his work in Luke-Acts, historical Jesus study, biblical theology, as well as with messianic Jewish ministries. He has published articles in the Los Angeles Times and The Dallas Morning News and is a well-known author of over 30 books. His publications include Studying the Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources and Methods,Jesus According to Scripture, an NIV Application Commentary on Luke, Breaking the Da Vinci Code, and commentaries on Acts and Luke in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series.


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