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Logos 9 Academic Standard


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  • Value of included resources: Over $7,400
  • Library: 220+ digital books including Dictionary of Classical Hebrew | DCH (9 vols.), Liddell and Scott Greek–English Lexicon (LSJ), A New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS), Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament | EDNT (3 vols.), and more.
  • Designed for: First year seminary students
  • Recommended by: Craig Evans, John Walton, R. Albert Mohler Jr., and other trusted Christian leaders. See all endorsements.
  • Features: Logos 9 Academic Feature Upgrade, including Charts Tool, Reading Plans, reverse interlinears, Before and After, vol. 3, Leedy Sentence Diagrams (SBL Edition), other Logos 9 features, and all the features in Logos 8 Academic Standard.
  • Runs on: Windows, Mac, mobile, and web. Get free updates so you can run Logos on any computer or operating system.
  • Downloads: Unlimited. Install Logos on as many personal devices as you like.
  • Support: Comes with free support and training.
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Included in this package

Bible and theology resources.

The Logos 9 Academic Feature Upgrade.


Logos 9 Academic makes your study of Scripture easier by connecting your entire library of books to a robust set of study tools. Logos 9 Academic Standard builds on everything included in Academic Essentials, adding even more resource tools and reference works, including established standard works like the nine-volume Dictionary of Classical Hebrew and the respected Liddell and Scott Greek–English Lexicon. These and others provide a strong foundation for studying Scripture in the original languages.

How Logos 9 Academic Standard Will Improve Your Bible Study

Biblical Studies
Biblical Studies
  • 31 grammars, lexicons, and tools
  • 129 texts and translations
  • 4 dictionary and handbook resources
  • Run a search, then click to visualize the result with beautiful diagrams and charts.
  • Understand how biblical books relate to one another by sorting by genre, author, audience, topic, and more with this beautiful visual tool.
Preaching and Ministry
Preaching and Ministry
  • 1 confessions and catechisms resources
  • 1 Study Bible resource
  • Keep a database of all your sermons and plan your sermon series with a built-in calendar.
  • Write your sermon inside Logos, and the Sermon Builder will automatically create your slides.
  • The Passage Exegesis Workflow provides step-by-step instructions for exegeting any passage.
Original Language Exegesis
Original Language Exegesis
  • 54 Greek resources
  • 23 Hebrew resources
  • Get step-by-step instructions for doing a word study in Greek, Hebrew, or English.
  • Leedy Sentence Diagrams (SBL Edition)
  • Greek, Hebrew, and LXX Manuscripts
Theological Study
Theological Study
  • 3 Church Fathers and patristics period resources
  • 1 confession and catechism resource
  • Get step-by-step instructions for studying a theological topic in Logos by using the Theology Guide and the Lexham Survey of Theology.
  • Understand the theological perspective, era, and other important information about systematic theologies.
  • Systematic Theologies Cross References Dataset

Resource Highlights

Library Resources

Digital books, media, courses, and other resources included in Logos 9 Academic Standard.

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System Requirements


  • Minimum OS update: Windows 10 64-bit 'Anniversary Update' (1607) or later
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1024x768 Display
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)


  • OS X 10.14 or above
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1024x768 Display
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)


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