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  1. Endorsements

    “Logos Bible Software is an extraordinary tool for both the Bible teacher and the Bible student.”

    Ray Comfort

    Founder and president, Living Waters

    “I have found Logos to be the most intuitive and complete Bible software out there.”

    Dr. Timothy Keller

    Author and pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

    “Anyone who wants to study God’s Word should have Logos. Dive in instantly, because it’s life-changing.”

    Hayley DiMarco

    Speaker and founder, Hungry Planet

    “You will find these tools invaluable—and wonderfully convenient to use.”

    John MacArthur

    Pastor, teacher, Grace Community Church; president,
    Grace to You

    “Logos software is phenomenal mainly, in my mind, for its incredible library and what you can do with it...”

    John Piper 

    Author, Desiring God

    “Logos is one of my favorite tools for writing. I can find exactly what I need, and often I discover something better than what I was looking for.”

    Randy Alcorn

    Author & director of Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM)

    Ministry Leaders

    John Piper

    Author, Desiring God

    “Logos software is phenomenal mainly, in my mind, for its incredible library and what you can do with it...”

    Kay Arthur

    CEO and cofounder, Precept Ministries International

    “I’m stunned by its genius, thrilled that it’s easy to use. I don’t want anyone to neglect studying the Bible inductively—discovering truth for themselves—slowing down, meditating on the Word, falling more and more in love with God.”

    Elyse Fitzpatrick 

    Author and speaker

    “It makes the study that I do so much easier, and so much more in-depth... I can look and see if something is indicative or an imperative. Those study helps, particulary in the languages, are very helpful for me.”

    Angela Thomas 

    Author and speaker

    “There’s a richness. There’s layering. There’s so much more than I could have ever gotten if I had just read through the sentence, because of the context and intent... when I use my Logos software, I’m getting that. ”

    Joseph L. Garlington

    Author and pastor, Covenant Church, Pittsburgh, PA

    “I am often asked what Bible software I would recommend for anyone serious about Bible study. As a longtime user my enthusiastic response to scholars and laypersons is the same: ‘There is nothing better than Logos!”

    Bob Lepine

    Cohost, FamilyLife Today

    “I used a different Bible software product for 10 years, and it was a helpful, dependable tool—kind of like a minivan, right? But Logos is some kind of combination Ferrari, Hummer and Lexus . . . Both my ministry at FamilyLife and the adult teaching I do at church benefit from your work.”

    Matt Chandler

    Author, speaker, and elder, The Village Church

    “There’s no better way to dig into the Word than with Logos Bible Software”

    Darrel Billups

    Executive director, National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM)

    “If you want to spend more time actually studying the Bible and less time looking for information about the Bible, Logos is the tool for you.”

    Ray Comfort 

    Founder and president, Living Waters

    “Logos Bible Software is an extraordinary tool for both the Bible teacher and the Bible student.”

    Josh McDowell

    Founder, Josh McDowell Ministry

    “In my fifty plus years of ministry, I have never seen a tool contribute to Bible study the way that Logos has. It is a must-have for anyone who is serious about understanding the Word.”

    Charles E. Blake Sr.

    Presiding bishop, COGIC

    “Logos Bible Software is now the official Bible study software of COGIC. I encourage you to take advantage of this cutting-edge resource for your personal Bible study. Don’t be left behind!”

    Dr. David Jeremiah

    President, Turning Point Ministries

    “My staff and I are in Bible study bliss! What used to take me months in page-flipping can now be done with the click of a mouse. You owe it to yourself to find out how Logos can bring a new level of excitement and scholarship to your time in the Word.”

    Gwen Smith 

    Speaker and founder, Girlfriends and God

    “I have found in Logos Bible Software a gem that will help me to increase the efficacy of my Bible study and my preparation as a speaker and a writer.”

    Dennis Rainey

    President, FamilyLife

    “Logos is the research assistant that I have been looking for. Hours of biblical research can be conducted with the simple click of a mouse. Logos will prove to be an invaluable resource and tool for FamilyLife to continue ministering to the needs of families worldwide for generations to come.”

    Mesu Andrews

    Author and speaker, Love amid the Ashes

    “I can verify any Internet information with Logos’ trusted commentaries, and I use Logos’ illustrative materials for visual aids in my fictional descriptions. Logos Bible Software has deepened my understanding and strengthened my message. Thanks, Logos, for enabling deeper study to a lover of God’s Word!”

    Kirk Cameron

    Producer of the film Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure and star of the inspirational Fireproof

    “Logos 5 is an incredible tool that instantly connects me with everything and everyone I need to get the Word out, from its Timeline to smart searches to social sharing.”

    Beth Moore

    Living Proof Ministries

    “I use Logos virtually every single work day and, when I’m on the road, it goes right with me. That’s the beauty of it. I love it and depend on it constantly.”

    John MacArthur

    Pastor and teacher, Grace Community Church; president, Grace to You

    “Logos is a magnificently rich resource for all students of the Bible. How I wish such a library had been available at my fingertips during my Seminary days! Whether you are a pastor preparing sermons, a Bible scholar writing academic treatises, or a housewife doing personal Bible study, you will find these tools invaluable—and wonderfully convenient to use.”

    Liz Curtis Higgs 

    Author and speaker

    “It’s visual. It’s pictures, it’s maps. It’s like the Bible coming alive in front of you on your screen. . . I like books, but when you realize that this is all right here at your finger tips, it’s incredible.”

    Carol Kent 

    Author and speaker

    “If you have never tried this software, give it a chance. And realize that it will allow you to have more messages in your arsenal of possible topics that you can speak on… It has helped me to become a better teacher, a more authoritative speaker, and it helps me be more confident.”

    Dr. Bruce Wilkinson

    Author, Prayer of Jabez

    “If you have ever dreamed of a full-time research assistant, I’ve discovered one who has memorized every major reference book, mastered every Greek and Hebrew textual tool, knows every answer to any Biblical question, prepares background information in a split second, and always gives you more than you could have hoped for—meet Logos.”

    Jefferson Bethke

    Christian blogger and spoken-word poet

    “It’s a simple truth that I forget far too often — to know God, we have to know His Word....Reading the Bible in a year helps me do just that. It keeps me organized, disciplined, and reading parts of the Bible I wouldn’t otherwise choose to read on a normal basis. The Bible is a delicious feast, and reading it all the way through makes sure you aren’t leaving anything on your plate. You’ll miss some days, that’s for sure, and that’s fine — use Faithlife’s Read the Bible in a Year plan to bring you closer to your Maker and His Word.”

    Industry Leaders

    Mark Rice

    Founder and director, HERMENEUTIKA Bible Research Software

    “Imagine thousands of Biblical books at your fingertips, all cross-referenced by Bible verse and topic. Logos is now the top Christian Bookshelf Library that every Bible student should have for productive Bible study, browsing, data collection, research, and sermon/teaching preparation. Logos is truly a product that will help you redeem the time.”

    John Fidel

    Author, Bible Software Newsletter

    “Logos is easier, more powerful and really integrates your library so you can dig deep in your study of God’s Word. I am incredibly impressed with the direction Logos is taking us, which should be deeper into His Word.”

    John W. Bryant

    Former senior vice president, Biblesoft

    “No other Bible software is this easy to use! Logos surpasses all others—it’s the easiest to use, the most powerful, and provides the best value in each package! There are thousands of Bibles and reference works available for this system, with more being added every week.”

    James A. Swanson

    Revision editor and coeditor, Young’s Compact Bible Dictionary and concordances for the King James Version, New International Version, and New Living Translation; editor, Dictionary of Biblical Languages and The Swanson NT Greek Morphology

    “Logos Bible Software brings a broad and deep river of knowledge flowing from my computer. I can open multiple lexicons and technical resources and can fly between them seamlessly. I see it not merely as a Bible study tool. I find it to be a flexible, potent, integrated knowledge system of Biblical research and management.”

    Academic Users

    Michael L. Brown

    PhD, author, professor, and national radio host

    “I am absolutely thrilled with Logos 5 and the new enhancements it brings, especially searching for phrases. Overall, the program responds even more quickly, and using my Platinum Library, I could hardly believe that a search for ‘metanoia’ (the Greek word for "repentance") yielded 424 results in 0.26 seconds and that a search for the phrase ‘dead to sin’ yielded 523 results in 2.27 seconds. And from there, once I'm reading one of the sources, I can click on a cross reference within my library and, voila, there it is on my screen....All in all, Logos 5 is a remarkable and practical software system, beckoning me to deeper study and greater fruitfulness in the Lord's service. Best of all, I can do this kind of study at 35,000 feet while traveling to India!”

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.

    President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    “Every time I use Logos, I am prompted to wonder what previous generations of Christians would think of having such resources so instantly at hand. Logos is a marvelous tool for ministry putting an entire library at the disposal of every user and making the most serious and practical tools for Bible study accessible instantly and always. Logos is unprecedented and a great gift to those who will study the Bible in this generation.”

    Craig Evans 

    Professor, Academia Divinity College

    “What would’ve taken hours can be done in minutes. Thanks to this Bible search software, you can find it all... It gets people back into the text, and makes using the original text that much easier.”

    Dr. Michael Easley

    Former president, Moody Bible Institute

    “The power of cutting-edge technology combined with excellent Bible study resources will impress any pastor or teacher. I encourage pastors and students of the Bible to take advantage of these kinds of tools for 21st Century ministry.”

    Dr. William Varner, Ph.D.

    Professor, biblical studies and Greek, The Master’s College

    “The syntactic databases alone plus the extent of the Bible study on a Greek word across all those resources are VERY VERY powerful tools for my work. I was amazed when I clicked on the Bible Word Study on a Greek word and saw all that it gave me apart from what I expected—the grammatical info from the syntactical databases and how the word appeared as the predicator with all the other words as its complement, etc. I was also impressed with how it located the word in the Apostolic Fathers with context. This will be a great help with the James commentary I’m writing. Hurrah for Logos!”

    Dr. Roger Hahn

    Northwest Nazarene University

    “Logos will be one of the best investments serious students of the Bible can make. When it comes to accessibility and availability Logos is far and away the best product available in digital Bibles and biblical/theological resources. I am delighted that the New Beacon Bible Commentary is available in the Logos format and I know of no other digital system that will help people learn more about the Bible.”

    Andrew W. Pitts

    Dean and associate professor of biblical studies, Veritas Evangelical Seminary

    “Logos is by far the most comprehensive, intuitive, visually appealing, efficient digital library available today for biblical scholars. In providing academically rigorous, carefully indexed, high resolution, searchable texts significant for biblical study, it beats the competition hands down. The design, industry and quality is clearly superb. Everyone involved in the development of this program obviously remains highly committed to producing an excellent product and they have done just that.”

    David Garland 

    Dean, George W. Truett Seminary

    “I had to sit there with my books piled up, and thumb and thumb and thumb, and now you can just touch something and an incredible wealth of information just flows... I cannot imagine pastors doing without. They must have this.”

    Dr. Robert Lowery

    Seminary dean and professor of New Testament, Lincoln Christian Seminary

    “Some of the finest electronic Bible software, tools, and resources today are produced by Logos Bible Software of Bellingham, Washington, the world’s largest developer of Bible Software.”

    George Lyons, PhD

    Professor of New Testament, Northwest Nazarene University

    “Few pastors or professors select a commentary from their shelves and curl up by their fireplace to read it from cover-to-cover. They generally consult commentaries, seeking specific information on particular passages. Given this reality, the best way to acquire commentaries is in a digital format. With Logos it is possible to find exactly what one needs within seconds. Cross-references can be consulted with a click of the mouse. Although users may have a ‘commentary of first reference‘ they can easily turn to more exhaustive commentaries in their digital libraries on the subjects they choose to pursue in greater depth. The library of the future is available now.”

    Cynthia C. Ventura

    Director of nontraditional enrollment, School of Lifelong Learning, Philadelphia Biblical University

    “I am not only a grad student but am also Director of Non-Traditional Enrollment in the School of Lifelong Learning at Philadelphia Biblical University in Langhorne, PA. Time and time again I turn to my Logos library and have a wealth of information at my fingertips—all with just a few clicks of the mouse. What once took me an entire day to research now takes half that time with Logos. There is nothing else out there like it. I believe Logos is the gold standard in Bible study. In my role as Director, I whole-heartedly recommend Logos to all entering students, in fact I give them a little demo from my own laptop. The students love to tease me that they think I work for Logos and not PBU!”

    Rev. Dr. George Joseph Gatis, Esquire

    Dean of PhD studies, American University of Biblical Studies; chaplain, The Citadel; moderator, South Atlantic Presbytery Bible Presbyterian Church, General Synod

    “Logos is a seemingly endless treasure trove. One click! And, poof! . . . More avenues to explore truth than time allows!”

    David Barton

    Founder and president, Wallbuilders

    “As an historian, I can attest that knowing the facts and how to get them fast is crucial — if you’re going to stand for truth and against the attacks on our faith and heritage — and Logos 5’s Bible Facts tool gets you exactly where you need to go like no other....History is all about being able to accurately make the connections, and so is Logos 5. Its Bible Facts connects every person, place, thing and event, from which you can select and pull up quick summaries and links to more information — including relationships, maps, photos, key passages and more — that appear with just a click. And with every event tied to an exhaustive 6,000-plus year Timeline, you can virtually see history unfolding on the screen before your very eyes.“

    John Walton 

    Professor and author, Wheaton College

    “There are tasks that you do in Bible study that you can do with the push of a couple buttons... Digital resources can have a great advantage for people who want to study the Bible seriously.”

    Joe Desloge, PhD

    Biblical languages department, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary—Charlotte

    “Logos has shown itself to be a very powerful program with exegetical materials available with the click of a mouse. I know of no other biblical software available with as much recourse as this program. There is also a tremendous library available for further scholarly work and for pastoral needs. Many of these works are ‘unlocked’ and available while others are for sale. This is the perfect program for pastors who want to build their library and scholars who want many of their key linguistic works at their fingertips for study away from the office.”

    Dr. Douglas Wheeler, PhD, ThD

    President, Jubilee Christian College and Mended Wings Ministry

    “It is certainly a requirement that you have this software for research and preparation of your doctoral dissertation. I will never again prepare a lesson, sermon, or conference without using Logos. This is the best investment that you could possibly make for your ministry.”

    David L. Adams, Ph.D.

    Associate professor of exegetical theology (Old Testament), Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

    One of the challenges in teachings students proper exegetical method is to help them realize that there is more to understanding a passage than simply being able to parse the forms and look up the words of the original language in a lexicon. Logos helps address this problem by facilitating interaction with a wide range of theological literature — not only exegetical literature like lexicons and grammars, but also historical and literary and archaeological and dogmatic and homiletical literature — and to do so efficiently and effectively.

    Mark May

    Teaching Parents Association

    “Today’s home-schooler needs to be trained in the use of technology and what better way to introduce them to the potential of technology than studying God’s Word on the computer. Logos Bible Software is a powerful way to prepare today’s generation with the theological and technological tools to advance a biblical worldview.”

    Pastors & Missionaries

    Britt Merrick  

    Pastor of Reality Churches

    “Logos has given you a great opportunity to dig in, to dig deep, to see what [the Bible] really means, to really see the foundations of it, and you are going to be astounded at the internal consistency. The thread of truth all the way through it, its infallibility, its inerrancy, you will be astounded and delighted to see that it really is the Word of God and that it’s living and active.”

    Mark Driscoll  

    Bestselling author and senior pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington

    “Like most pastors, I appreciate all the help I can get when I’m building sermons, especially help in sharing God’s Word using the latest technologies....Sermon Starter Guide helps me pour the wisdom of God’s Word, biblical media, and tens of thousands of other digital resources into my sermons in the form of relevant Scriptures, illustrations, videos, scholarly quotes, related Greek and Hebrew words and more.”

    Larry Knight

    Senior pastor, Paulding Baptist Church

    “I became a Logos user ten years ago and have expanded my library considerably since that time. I am especially fond of the Greek tools for in-depth Word study. The Church I am presently serving is going to purchase me a personal laptop for the express purpose of having my library at my fingertips regardless of my location. What a great help this will be when I am at a conference or some other location and will be able to use idle time to do valuable study.”

    Don Pederson

    Director, New Tribes Mission Field Ministry Office; governing elder, Northland, A Church Distributed

    “In the translation process, a great deal of time is spent determining the exact meaning of the scripture portion to be translated. In the old days, this meant spreading a large number of commentaries, Bible translations, and Greek or Hebrew resources out and laboriously looking the relevant material up. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary. Logos is the easiest and quickest way to do the necessary exegesis for Bible translation. Logos automates the process and puts everything that a translator might need right at his finger tips.”

    Brian Kane

    Missionary to Cambodia

    “Thanks to you guys for your work on Logos. Every time I discover another book the mice in our house have devoured, I praise God for leading me to invest the majority of my mulla into electronic books!”

    Jason Van Vliet

    Pastor, Maranatha Canadian Reformed Church, Surrey, British Columbia

    “I’m working with Logos as I prepare a sermon series on Ecclesiastes. So, I type in Eccl. 1.1-3 for the first series of the sermon and run a Passage Guide. In the parallel passage section up pops ‘OT Quotations & Allusions’ with a reference to Romans 8:20. Off and on, I’ve studied Ecclesiastes for some 10 years, but I never made the connection to that particular NT verse, which indeed opens a new exegetical vista on the whole book of Eccl. for me. A small example, yes, but that’s what Logos does.”

    Kurt Norton

    Preaching minister, Arlington Church of Christ, Virginia

    “By quickly perusing the lighting quick, voluminous, complete resources of the Passage Guide, you can subsequently avoid the tendency to write down everything that interests you . . . and only you . . . (and few others in the audience). Instead, you will glean from the search only the main, the essential, the focused, the ‘tip of the sword’ concepts that will lift the message from obscurity to something far better.”

    Mike Johnson

    Church planter, New Tribes Mission (northern Asia)

    “Logos Bible Software is a huge blessing to me. As a missionary, maintaining and using an adequate paper library is simply impractical. Logos provides a perfect solution: a feature-rich software platform that keeps hundreds of searchable volumes only a few clicks away. From original-language research to personal-enrichment study, Logos is up to every task. I am so thankful for this robust and intuitive Bible-study tool.”

    Aaron Couch

    Lead coach, Real Life on the Palouse

    “In several respects it saves time and energy by making everything I could possibly need (and much, much more) available by the click of a button. Developing sermon after sermon forces me to grow deeper or die. The resources available here nourish my soul while giving my sermons the content they need to lead and feed the people in the church as well. I will never use another Bible based software program. There is nothing else out there with the content, flexibility, and customer support to do what I have been able to accomplish with this program. What a gift to the Kingdom!”

    Ron Burks

    Pastor, Bartow First Baptist Church, Bartow, Florida

    “As a young pastor many years ago, I dreamed of having a personal research assistant to help me as I prepared my sermons. I no longer have to dream. Logos made it a reality. Your company has not only had the quickest response time when I called for technical support—you actually knew the answer!”

    Rev. Fred Whitman

    Baptist Mid-Missions (Italy since 1973)

    “I am a bookman. I like the feel, I like the smell. After more than 35 years in the ministry, I never thought I would be able to substitute holding a book for reading a computer monitor, but I WAS WRONG! The study sources are unending, the speed with which the research can be done is incredible, and I believe that the results in my ministry in Italy will be eternal.”

    Pastor Darryl

    Darryl Hartless Ministries, Clarin, Philippines

    “Knowing what I know now, I am convinced that the most economical and effective way for one to really dig deep into God’s Word is by enlisting the help of Logos. It is something that we (definitely me) really cannot do without! That is, if you really want to dig deep into God’s Word!”


    Alan Keyes

    Conservative political activist, author, perennial Republican presidential candidate

    “I started using Logos back in the '90s. The software quickly became an indispensable resource for reading and serious study of the Scripture. And it's been part of my daily routine, at home and on the road, ever since. From the beginning, what especially helped me was the availability of Scriptural texts in the original Greek; and the easily accessible features that made using the ancient Greek I acquired in college an habitual pleasure. I used to tell folks that the only regret I had was that the texts of ancient philosophers and historians weren't available; or that Latin texts hadn't been adapted for use. But the folks at Logos never rested on their laurels. They heard and acted on the wishes of users like me, continually harnessing and expanding Logos's capabilities into just the areas we hoped for; and developing capabilities for researching and comparing texts that are a scholar's dream....By now most of us know that the power of computer and internet technology offers us choices that can prove to be blessings or curses. I chose Logos years ago. It has consistently proven to be one of the blessings.”

    Christian Standard Magazine


    “Logos is easy enough for a grade-schooler, but sophisticated enough for a postdoctoral student in original languages.”

    Adrian Warnock

    “For many years now—if I want to check out the meaning of a Bible passage, or do a word study in the original Greek, or indeed check out the latest theological thinking on a certain subject—I almost always turn to my full-time personal digital assistant [Logos]—where I can get the information I need in seconds. I call my growing collection of electronic commentaries, lexicons, Bibles, interlinear Bibles, reference books, and theological journals my personal Theological Seminary in a Box.”

    Don Walker

    Palmdale, California

    “Without looking at any help—that’s the true test of good programming—I figured out most of the program in about 15 minutes. It was that easy. And I right-clicked on words and low and behold, a pop-up window. I was able to study what used to take hours in 20 minutes. THIS IS THE PROGRAM I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! I’m all excited again.”

    Mark A. Kellner

    Washington Times reporter

    “My bottom line: Logos 5, whose depths I plan to plumb regularly, is even more robust and virbrant than its predecessors. If studying the Bible is something of professional or personal interest, there is, right now, nothing else that comes close.”

    W. Rennie McCormick


    “This is a tool I can really use, and one that is truly going to motivate my children to dig into research. I really like how the program automatically annotates the documents and notes that I create. I feel like a child at Christmas; I can hardly wait to get the program to begin ‘playing’ with it.”

    Martin Weber

    Editor, Outlook Magazine; communication director, the Mid-America Union of Seventh-day Adventists

    “Logos has enriched my ministry and impacted my life. It combines the best Scripture software I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been using digital Bibles for 28 years) with the finest commentaries and other study tools. I’m so impressed with Logos that I have included both my daily use of it and my volunteer promotion of it into my personal mission statement.”

    Gary Moore


    “I have been committed to the Logos Bible study software since it first came out and have been waiting impatiently for several years for this new search engine. However I was not prepared for such a leap forward . . . The improvements are extraordinary. When I returned home I kept my wife up half the night showing her just a fraction of what it could do.”

    Bob Bingham

    Everson, Washington

    “Logos is far more intuitive and user friendly than anything I’ve tried before. I was able to easily accomplish search tasks right out of the box and yet I know there are many more features I will soon be experimenting with. I can not think of a program (biblical or otherwise) that even comes close to your search speed. I also appreciated the way you broke down the products so that I needed to only purchase the functions that mattered to me.”

    Mary Fairchild

    Writer and blogger, Christianity

    “I am absolutely thrilled with Logos 5 and the new enhancements it brings, especially searching for phrases. Overall, the program responds even more quickly, and using my Platinum Library, I could hardly believe that a search for ‘metanoia’ (the Greek word for "repentance") yielded 424 results in 0.26 seconds and that a search for the phrase ‘dead to sin’ yielded 523 results in 2.27 seconds. And from there, once I'm reading one of the sources, I can click on a cross reference within my library and, voila, there it is on my screen....All in all, Logos 5 is a remarkable and practical software system, beckoning me to deeper study and greater fruitfulness in the Lord's service. Best of all, I can do this kind of study at 35,000 feet while traveling to India!”

    Paul Watrous


    “I have all my paper books put away now. Where paper books wear and tatter with use, soil and light, electronic books not only stay fresh but always save space and time. I firmly believe that every Christian home that is endeavoring to study the Bible should own this program. For one thing, it is possible that some people will for the first time in their life actually take on the Bible . . . rather than going to the pastor to find all the answers. With Logos in your home every member of the family can find all the information they need on the Bible . . . and as time goes on more books can be added by simply going online for a few moments.”

    Jim VanSchoonhoven


    “If you do not understand a word in one of your Greek lexicons, in seconds you will be transported to any number of resources that explain what the word means. . . . Believers without knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, could now have access to some of the best Greek and Hebrew helps that, in the past, required at least some knowledge of these languages.”