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Enhanced Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon (BDB)

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The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon is an essential reference work for serious Old Testament study. This lexicon (dictionary) provides not only the English equivalents for Hebrew words, but also relates various meanings to specific passages in the OT. The Logos electronic version of BDB is a very special product and unquestionably the most useful version of BDB ever released.

The text has been fully corrected and updated with all changes noted in the addenda et. corrigenda in the print edition. This book represents maximum complexity in minimum pages. The number of Bible links, cross references, popups and jumps far exceeds the average Bible reference book.

For the serious language scholar, the Logos edition of BDB provides "word linking" (from the actual Hebrew and Greek character set) to and from Hebrew and Greek texts and other lexicons. In addition, it provides comprehensive linking through Strong's Numbers, GK numbers and TWOT making this work totally accessible to the English Bible student.

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“i. גֶּ֫בֶר‎ S1397, 1398, 1399 TWOT310a GK1504, 1505, 150666 n.m. man (NH id., MI16 גברן‎ (pl.), Aramaic” (Page 149)

1. a. know, learn to know, good and evil Gn 3:22” (Page 393)

2. attribute of the שֹׁפֵט‎, justice, right, rectitude: a. of God,” (Page 1048)

“6. fig., specif. of spiritual relations: a. turn back from God, = apostatize,” (Page 997)

soul, living being, life, self, person, desire, appetite, emotion, and passion” (Page 659)


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  1. Temesgen Alemayehu
    I need english to Hebrew biblical dictionary to have on my PC FOR MY FURTHER STUDY
  2. Temesgen Alemayehu
  3. EUN HA OH



  4. David



  5. Logosed



    BDB remains one of the finest ever scholarly achievements, and one would be naive to think it is a work that can be ignored or bypassed. I have found it to contain superior articles on many Hebrew words, especially on the particles. The quality of scholarship is of the highest order and created a legacy that looms large over the world of Hebrew scholarship, and can be felt in more recent works like Clines, see below. Many scholars, including a well known international scholar with whom I recently corresponded, still prefer BDB over other works.
  6. J-P O

    J-P O


  7. Roy Hartzler

    Roy Hartzler


    I had the hard copy of this at one time. It will be alright, probably be a big help, though if I had to do it again I would have probably chosen another work. Maybe next time.
  8. Immanuel



  9. Marc Cawthon

    Marc Cawthon


    A fine addition to my library. I simply cannot learn enough about GOD ALMIGHTY ! Simple, easy download process. Thank You. ( JESUS [ IS ] My HERO ) !!!
  10. Hyoungil Lee

    Hyoungil Lee



Digital list price: $30.00
Save $5.01 (16%)