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The Logos Bible Software edition of the definitive six-volume, 7,200-page Bible dictionary. More than 6,000 entries by 800 authors—complete and unabridged with illustrations.

Since its publication date, The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (AYBD) has been acclaimed as a landmark in biblical scholarship—the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative reference work in the field. "Nothing of its kind exists in any language," declared Walter Harrelson in the Journal of Biblical Literature.

The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary includes the complete and unabridged six volumes, 7,200-page print edition, with illustrations. It features more than 6,000 entries from 800 leading international scholars. Covering countless Biblical subjects, the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary is a tremendous help for in-depth exploration of the Bible.

In his review of the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary Print Edition, Gene M. Tucker, of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, describes the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary as “a monumental work.” He calls it “a gold mine of information on and interpretation of an extremely wide range of topics concerning the Bible and its environment, from AARON to ZUZIM.” This full review is featured in the Critical Review of Books in Religion set.

Whatever your reasons for Bible study, be it in a professional, scholarly or personal setting, you won't want to be without the expansive knowledge contained in the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary. The title is a wonderful addition to family libraries as well. Young Bible students and enthusiasts will certainly benefit from Anchor's straightforward and easy-to-understand explanations.

The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary is a title that everyone can share in together. Its range of subjects, spanning the Old Testament and New Testament, is so impressive that it will be a helpful aide to a whole spectrum of users, from serious scholars to beginning Bible students. Take advantage of Logos' low prices and add the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary to your digital library today.

These six volumes will appear as a single resource in your digital library.

Resource Experts
  • Includes six volumes of approximately 1,200 pages each
  • More than 6,000 entries
  • More than 7,000,000 words
  • Over 800 contributors
  • Multicultural and interdisciplinary in scope
  • An unprecedented interfaith exploration of the Bible
  • Illustrated throughout with easy-to-find references
  • Extensively cross-referenced for comprehensive coverage of topics
  • Full bibliographical references following all major entries

The contents of the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (AYBD) are identical to the Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD). The name of the product has changed because the copyright for this resource was transferred from Doubleday to Yale University.

Top Highlights

“‘Repent and be baptized … so that your sins may be forgiven’ (Acts 2:38). Further usage links repentance not only with forgiveness (5:31) but also with ‘faith in our Lord Jesus’ (20:21) and with ‘life,’ as a result of repentance (11:18). In Acts 17:30–31 Paul on the Areopagus states God’s command for ‘all people everywhere to repent’ or be justly judged. Parallel to the phenomena in the gospels (NIDNTT 1: 359), repentance in Acts may be complementary to faith (20:21) or include faith (17:30) and leads to forgiveness of sins (2:38; 5:31) and eternal life (11:18).” (Volume 5, Page 673)

“JOY. The experience of deliverance and the anticipation of salvation provide the most significant occasions for rejoicing among the people of God in the OT. The coming of the Messiah, who delivers his people and brings salvation becomes the basis for rejoicing in the NT. The response of joy, gladness, or happiness is not only a deep inward feeling, but is expressed in celebration when God’s people gather together.” (Volume 3, Page 1022)

“In the following centuries the original meaning of the eucharistic sacramentum was entirely forgotten, and increasingly it came to be viewed either as a mysterious and mystical ‘communion’ with Christ, or (particularly for the laity) as a sacrificial ritual that served to heighten the sanctity (and the authority) of the presiding priestly hierarchy.” (Volume 1, Page 1199)

“When we review the rabbinic evidence, we discover that the basic issue separating the Sadducees and Pharisees/rabbis was purity.” (Volume 5, Page 893)

“There is wide agreement, however, that for most of the prophets, the Day of Yahweh meant that time in the relatively near future when Yahweh would punish not only his people’s enemies, but also his people (Israel, Judah, or the Jewish people) for breaking the covenant. Then, either through a new Davidic king or messiah or by acting directly, Yahweh would establish his own rule or kingdom over all the earth.” (Volume 2, Page 83)

The Anchor Yale Bible Series, previously the Anchor Bible Series, is a renowned publishing program that for more than 50 years has produced books devoted to the latest scholarship on the Bible and biblical topics. Yale University Press, having acquired this prestigious series in 2007, is now proud to offer all previously published Anchor Bible titles as well as new books—more than 115 titles in all. Many more volumes are in progress as the AYB Editorial Board, under the direction of General Editor John J. Collins, vigorously pursues the goal of bringing to a wide audience the most important new ideas, the latest research findings, and the clearest possible analysis of the Bible. Widely recognized as the flagship of American biblical scholarship, the Anchor Yale Bible Series is comprised of:

...Because of the numerous developments in biblical scholarship during the past three decades, the editor felt (rightly) that it was time for a Bible dictionary that would represent the current state of the discipline.
The Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD) is the result of his vision. The ABD is both international and interconfessional, with nearly 1,000 contributors from around the world representing Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim traditions (and also those of no religious tradition). The list of contributing scholars includes names long associated with biblical and theological studies. The currency of the dictionary as a whole is reflected especially in the inclusion of such subjects as the Dead Sea Scrolls, early Jewish-Christian relations, the historical Jesus, and sociological and literary methods of biblical criticism (including feminist hermeneutics), and in numerous entries on archaeological sites.
In addition, the bibliographies are usually up to date and often extensive. Unlike previous Bible dictionaries, the bibliographic entries in the ABD are complete citations, listed individually rather than in a run-on fashion, and hence easier to use.
...The ABD deserves a place on the shelves beside the standard Bible dictionaries of previous generations and is recommended for public, academic, and seminary libraries.

—Craig W. Beard, University of Alabama at Birmingham Library

  • Title: Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (formerly Anchor Bible Dictionary)
  • Editors: David Noel Freedman, Gary A. Herion, David F. Graf, John David Pleins, Astrid B. Beck
  • Abbreviation: AYBD (formerly ABD)
  • Publisher: Yale University Press
  • Print Publication Date: 1992
  • Logos Release Date: 2001
  • Volumes: 6
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible › Dictionaries
  • Resource ID: LLS:14.0.4
  • Resource Type: Encyclopedia

With the Logos edition, you can reap the maximum benefit from the Anchor Yale Bible by getting easier access to the contents of this series—helping you to use these volumes more efficiently for research and sermon preparation. Every word from every book has been indexed and catalogued to help you search the entire series for a particular verse or topic, giving you instant access to cross-references. Additionally, important terms link to your other resources in your digital library, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries, theology texts, and others. Perform powerful searches to find exactly what you’re looking for because in Logos, your titles will automatically integrate into custom search reports, passage guides, exegetical guides, and the other advanced features of the software. You'll have the tools you need to use your entire digital library effectively and efficiently, searching for verses, finding Scripture references and citations instantly, and performing word studies. With most Logos resources, you can take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps, providing you the most efficient and comprehensive research tools in one place, so you get the most out of your study.


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