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Practicum: Learn to Use Verbum
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Practicum: Learn to Use Verbum

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Verbum 2013

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Catholic Practicum is a comprehensive, computer-based video course designed for quick and effective instruction in the functions of Verbum and in techniques for their use. Verbum is built on the powerful Logos 5 engine, and shares many features with standard software. But whether you are new to Logos or an experienced user, Practicum provides you with important insights and tips concerning how to use Verbum within a Catholic Scripture study methodology. You’ll see Verbum experts in action, so you learn not only what Verbum’s tools can do, but also how to use them. By the end of the series you will be using Verbum like a pro!

Benefits for Your Study

Whether you are studying for your own spiritual enrichment, preparing to lead a Bible study, or writing a homily, Catholic Practicum can bring competence and confidence in your study using Verbum Bible Software. These videos will extend your range. They will teach you new skills. Go beyond your English translations with Verbum Bible Software. Pause lessons, review previous material, and move on to the next lesson at your convenience.

Real Work with Real Tools

Logos has received a number of requests to create tools that are task oriented and will work in tandem with the content we provide. For years we have taught people how to use Logos Bible Software. Now we are teaching people how use it to accomplish real work in word studies, language studies, sermon preparation, and so forth. We are embarking on a long range project to teach people how to use the power of Logos Bible Software to extend their abilities. This is empowering. This allows the user to accomplish tasks previously possible for only the experts. Many will never have the opportunity to go to seminary or graduate school. Logos brings education to you where you are.

Key Features

  • Almost five hours of professional instruction
  • Extensive coverage of Verbum functionality, tools, and techniques
  • Instruction in Verbum research methodologies from a Catholic perspective
  • Original language instruction designed for those with a limited knowledge of Greek or Hebrew
  • High-definition video lets you pause, playback, and review, allowing you to set your own pace


  • Unit 1
    • Start using Verbum today. Unit 1 explains the homepage, the workspace functions, the basics of the passage and exegetical guides, how to prioritize items in your library, how to use the GO box, and more.
  • Unit 2
    • The second unit walks you through the functions of the software in-depth, from searching your library to the construction of custom layouts. It covers tagging, collections, the passage guide and the construction of custom guides, notes, clippings, and much more. This unit will teach you how to set up work spaces designed for different types of research, such as lectionary-based study or the reading of the Church Fathers. By the end of Unit 2, you’ll master advanced Verbum functions, taking control of your vast library.
  • Unit 3
    • The third unit builds on Unit 2, but focuses on original language work. It covers the interlinear and reverse interlinear Bibles, the exegetical guide, Bible word studies, morphological searching and much more. Special emphasis is placed on using Verbum’s language functionality to situate the original texts within the context of the Septuagint and the writings of the Apostolic Fathers. By the end of Unit 3, you will have a handle on Verbum’s language capabilities and will understand how to use them, even if you have no Greek or Hebrew training.
  • Unit 4
    • The fourth unit focuses on advanced research techniques and ties the first three units together. It is organized around several large example studies, each one focusing on a different dimension of Catholic research, from the four senses of Scripture to the historical-critical method. You will harness even more of the software’s abilities, and advance your study of the Faith. By the end of Unit 4, you will be a Verbum expert!

Product Details

  • Title: Catholic Practicum
  • Instructors: Andrew Jones and Louis St. Hilaire
  • Almost five hours of content taught using Verbum.
  • Format: Practicum is downloadable as a Verbum Media Resource. The high-definition videos are optimized for use with your desktop or mobile device.
  • After the initial download, Practicum will be automatically stored on your hard drive for convenient watching, even if you aren’t connected to the internet.
  • All videos have chapter markers, so you can easily navigate to the exact spot you need.
  • Verbum Basic Library is the minimum requirement for Catholic Practicum. However, Verbum Master Library is the package used by the instructors and is recommended.
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2013
Verbum Master Library is the package used by the instructors and is recommended.
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2013

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