Chafer’s exposition on the doctrine of grace is a classic definition of this essential element of Christianity. Not an exegesis or a commentary in nature, this is a doctrinal exploration. Chafer goes into great detail about the characteristics of grace in Scripture and in daily life, as well as its place in Christian theology. There is also a section on Jesus as the mediator of grace, the only way believers can understand and accept grace. Chafer also includes valuable practical aspects of grace and what it means for the believer for day to day living.

Table of Contents

  • The Theme
  • Salvation by Grace
  • Three Principles which Cannot Co-Exist with Grace
  • Safe-Keeping in Grace
  • The Life Under Grace
  • The Law Done Away
  • The Sabbath, A Test Question
  • Christ, the Believer’s Sphere in Grace
  • Conclusion and Appeal
  • Index of Subjects
  • Index of Scripture Texts

Key Features

  • Careful examination of doctrine by one of the most influential twentieth-century theologians
  • Includes detailed table of contents
  • Written by one of the key founders of modern dispensationalism

Praise for the Print Edition

No subject was more dear to the heart of Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer than the teaching of the Scriptures on the spiritual life.

John F. Walvoord, president of Dallas Theological Seminary

I welcome therefore this present book on these fundamental truths. Having had the privilege of seeing it in manuscript, I bespeak for it the candid attention of all who are concerned for the truth of God.

—C.I. Scofield, in the preface to the 1936 edition of The Kingdom in History and Prophecy

I am glad of the privilege of calling attention to a presentation of the way of salvation which is certain to lead all who read it earnestly to a living faith in Christ, and then to a constant joy because of the abundant and assured provision of God for the Christian life.

—W. H. Griffith Thomas, in the preface to the 1917 edition of Salvation

Product Details

  • Title: Grace
  • Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer
  • Publisher: The Sunday School Times Company
  • Publication Date: 1922
  • Pages: 373

About Lewis Sperry Chafer

Lewis Sperry Chafer (1871-1952) was an American Presbyterian clergyman and educator, born in Rock Creek, Ohio. He studied at New Lyme Academy in Ohio, at Oberlin (Ohio) Conservatory and College, and under C. I. Scofield. Ordained in 1900, he was a traveling evangelist from 1900-1914, and a Bible lecturer from 1914-1924. He also taught Bible at the Philadelphia School of the Bible from 1914-1923. In 1924, he founded the Evangelical Theological College (now Dallas Theological Seminary) and was its president and professor of systematic theology until his death. He is also the author of Systematic Theology (8 Vols.) and was also the editor of Bibliotheca Sacra.

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