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International Standard Version New Testament

ISBN: 9781891833137
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The Holy Bible: International Standard Version® New Testament is the all new English language Bible translation from the ISV Foundation of Santa Ana, California. A printed edition of the ISV® is available from Davidson Press of Yorba Linda, California. Conservative scholars who respect the reliability of the Scriptures have meticulously translated the ISV using only the best in modern scholarship. Because the ISV is international, you won't find slang, national colloquialisms, or confusing regionalisms. Because the ISV is standard, it's perfect for use in public worship services and private Bible studies. Because the ISV is contemporary, it conveys the thought, intents, and words of the original text of the Bible in language you and your children can understand, appreciate, and apply to your life today. And the ISV is accurate and trustworthy?its world-class translators and consulting scholars are clearly identified by name and by their credentials. Because the ISV flows in clear, natural-sounding English, it's quite possibly the most insightful version of the Bible you'll ever read. You will appreciate how the ISV restores the hymns and poetry from the first century texts to the New Testament. Exhaustive footnotes to the ISV provide comprehensive insights into the meaning and background of the Biblical text. Watch for release of the ISV Old Testament in 2002.

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  • Title: International Standard Version New Testament
  • Publisher: The Learning Foundation
  • Publication Date: 2000


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    Print list price: $19.95
    Save $9.96 (49%)