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Mobile Ed: Biblical Exegesis Bundle (2 courses)

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When people interpret the Bible, even though they may have the best motives in the world, they can still read their ideas into the Bible rather than draw out what the author originally intended to mean. Don’t miss the whole point of exegesis. It’s to know and worship God. Dr. DeRouchie and Dr. Naselli will help you exegete the Old Testament and New Testament texts in the Biblical Exegesis Bundle.

For a bundle of important courses that equip students to better understand and teach Scripture, see the Mobile Ed: Studies in Biblical Interpretation Bundle, S (2 courses).

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion you should be able to:

  • Understand characteristics that make for a great Bible translation
  • Describe the rationale behind interpretive decisions that remain faithful to the intent of the original author
  • Recognize key Scriptural phrases and their meaning
  • Approach the Old Testament text from multiple helpful scholarly viewpoints
  • Identify the genre, translation issues, and key terms of many prominent texts from the Old Testament
  • Approach passages of Scripture, looking for elements that uncover their literary content and historical setting

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  1. Charles



  2. Kelsey T Coleman
    This looks like a great course, but too much money for me!
  3. Bradford



    Book Study: Judges came out for community pricing, this one seem to skip that and go straight to pre publication. At this price why not give the community a chance to pay first?


Collection value: $1,594.98
Save $714.99 (44%)
Starting at $60.98/mo at checkout