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Lexham Bible Dictionary

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Lexham Bible Dictionary is engaged with the best and most recent scholarship and committed to the authority of the Bible. This is a key tenet of the project: to learn from and wrestle with the full breadth of biblical scholarship, while standing in the rich tradition of the faith. We believe that a resource uniting scholarship and faith makes God’s Word more approachable and more understandable—all for the sake of Christ’s gospel reaching more people.

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Deep Scholarship for Crucial Questions

Exhaustive Coverage

Deep exploration of the Bible’s context, textual development, and the process of canonization—from roughly 3,000 BC to AD 200

Contextualize Your Study

Detailed coverage of ancient texts and documents that influenced the Bible’s context—leveraging the most recent research and discoveries

Get Clarity

Clear identification of every biblical person, place, and event in their cultural contexts—built on the databases that power Logos Bible Software

Engage with Scholarship

A critical, unbiased approach to every entry, so that readers can consider the interpretive options and make up their own minds

Interact with Scripture

Academic-level content that is written to be accessible for anyone, helping you interact with the biblical text no matter what level of knowledge you have when you start

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The Dictionary Reimagined

Digital First

Because it’s designed as a digital resource, finding the most relevant information is easy with the LBD


Each article contains links to all Scripture references and additional links to resources in your Logos Bible Software library


Hand-curated links help connect you with related topics and background material within the dictionary

Learn how to use the Lexham Bible Dictionary for research and Bible study

700 Scholars. 7,000 Articles.
4.5 Million Words.

The LBD would not exist without the amazing contributions of over 700 scholars from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, working on articles that fall directly in their area of expertise. The dictionary comprises over 4.5 million words in more than 7,000 articles—the equivalent of six encyclopedia-sized volumes in print. The digital edition will stay up-to-date as scholarship moves forward and new discoveries are made.

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“The Go-to Bible Dictionary for a Generation”