1. Take Flight! Explore little-known chapters of the Christian story from far-flung destinations around the globe.

You study with Logos.
Now present with Proclaim.

Proclaim is a cloud-based church presentation software that allows pastors, worship teams, and other volunteers to collaborate on presentations, anywhere, anytime—on or offline. And your whole team can work from the same account, making Proclaim as affordable as it is practical.

Explore Proclaim (with Visual Copy)

Collaborate in the cloud

Proclaim stores your presentations in the cloud, making it possible for multiple contributors to work on the same presentation at the same time. Now you and your team can build sermons, worship sets, announcements, and media from any computer—Mac or PC.

Engage your audience

Proclaim encourages audience involvement with the Signals feature—you can send Bible verses, web pages, contact information, donation requests, and more straight to your congregants’ mobile devices.
You can even survey your congregation!

Link it to Logos

Proclaim works with Logos 5, making the sermon-to-presentation process just one step. Select the notes, quotes, or photos you want to send and view them in your open presentation for all contributors to see instantly.

Connect your accounts

Proclaim synchronizes with your other worship-planning accounts—SongSelect, Planning Center, Graceway Media—to create a smooth, streamlined approach to presentations.

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