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Wordsearch Resources Not Coming to Logos

Due to missing source files, a small number of resources from the Wordsearch catalog likely won’t be converted into Logos resources.

The following resources won’t be coming to Logos:

  1. What the Bible is All About: Group Study Guides
  2. Willmington's Notes: Theology
  3. Willmington's Notes: Old Testament
  4. Willmington's Notes: New Testament - Gospels
  5. Willmington's Notes: New Testament - Acts to Revelation
  6. W7-4988 SA - Hallelujah Chorus Songbook
  7. LifeChange Series: Part 2 Titlepage
  8. WORDsearch Media Index (Arranged by Scripture)
  9. WORDsearch Media Index (Topically Arranged)
  10. Contemporary English Version Dictionary
  11. Reaching for the New Jerusalem
  12. NLT Study Bible Xrefs
  13. Living for Others When You'd Rather Live for Yourself
  14. Discipleship Journal Index
  15. Life Application Bible Maps
  16. Geroge Brooks Commentaries
  17. Cuando cierro mis ojos
  18. Concise Bible History
  19. Precepts 2010-2011
  20. Precepts 2009-2010
  21. Notes on the WCF - J. Macpherson
  22. How to Study the Bible (Video)

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