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Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.)
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The Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.) is a compilation of the history and literature of the British Isles during the English Renaissance period. The Renaissance was a period of time known for a renewed interest and intellectual rise in literature, philosophy, politics, science, religion, and art. It is credited as a time period where new ideas, perspectives, and theories evolved.

While this collection includes some works from the English Renaissance period, such as Defense of Poesie and Faust Book, it mostly directs its attention to a systematic study of the nature of literature during this time. It analyzes the works of Shakespeare, the literary style of the Renaissance, and the affect the literary style of writing had on its audience.

The Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.) also gives a concise history of England, Scotland, and Ireland, using secondary materials from the 19th and early 20th centuries. It provides a look into these nations’ culture, politics, and major events. This collection is full of sound scholarship and will help you better understand the historical, social, and philosophical context of key religious events and figures of that time.

Best of all, this entire collection is free. There’s no catch. No strings attached.

It’s rare that classic works like these are made available for free to as many people who want them. It’s even more amazing when you consider that these aren’t just PDFs or text files. They’re Logos books, and they take advantage of many of the features and tools built into Logos Bible Software. So it’s hard to put into words how phenomenal this opportunity really is.

Please note that this collection requires the latest version of Logos Bible Software.

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I think the material is a wonderful addition to the program and as easy to access and search as all the other resources available in the Logos Bible program, which is the program I use for all my Bible study, Bible reading, and Bible teaching. I’ve also made use of Logos Bible Software in writing my books. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be without the program. It’s made things much easier for me and saved me enormous amounts of time.

R. P. Nettlehorst

So by now it should be obvious just how useful having these resources in Logos 4 really is. Once you start adding search features into the equation then the usefulness is increased exponentially.

Nick Norelli

Logos has done us all a great big favor by making this available and then they went above and beyond by making sure it was free and integrated. I’m sure you’ll enjoy having these resources.

Brian LePort

Individual Titles

  • A Shakespearean Grammar. E. A. Abbott
  • The Annals of Scotland, An Electronic Edition.
  • Wilson’s Arte of Rhetorique, Thomas Wilson
  • The Irish Historie: An Electronic Edition, Raphaell Holinshed
  • A Continuation of the Chronicles of Ireland, Comprising the Reigne of King Henrie the Eight: An Electronic Edition, Raphaell Holinshed
  • Defence of Poesie, Sir Philip Sidney
  • The Description of Scotland: An Electronic Edition
  • An Historicall Description of the Iland of Britaine: An Electronic Edition, William Harrison
  • The Description of Ireland: An Electronic Edition, Raphaell Holinshed
  • Faust Book
  • The Garden of Eloquence (1593): Tropes, Henry Peachum
  • The Garden of Eloquence (1593): Schemas, Henry Peachum
  • The Garden of Eloquence (1593): Dedication, Henry Peachum
  • The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries of the English Nation, Richard Hakluyt
  • The History of Scotland: An Electronic Edition
  • The Historie Of England, From The Time That It Was First Inhabited, Vntill The Time That It Was Last Conquered: An Electronic Edition, Raphael Holinshed
  • The History Of England After the Conquest: An Electronic Edition, Raphael Holinshed
  • The First Inhabitation of Ireland: An Electronic Edition, Raphael Holinshed
  • The Political Works of James I
  • Shakespeare’s Roman Plays and their Background, M. W. MacCallum
  • The Processe of Irish Affaires: An Electronic Edition, Raphael Holinshed
  • The Svpplie Of This Irish Chronicle: An Electronic Edition, Raphael Holinshed

Product Details

  • Title: Perseus Renaissance Collection
  • Publisher: Perseus Digital Library
  • Volumes: 22