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Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.)

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The Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.) is a compilation of the history and literature of the British Isles during the English Renaissance period. The Renaissance was a period of time known for a renewed interest and intellectual rise in literature, philosophy, politics, science, religion, and art. It is credited as a time period where new ideas, perspectives, and theories evolved.

While this collection includes some works from the English Renaissance period, such as Defense of Poesie and Faust Book, it mostly directs its attention to a systematic study of the nature of literature during this time. It analyzes the works of Shakespeare, the literary style of the Renaissance, and the affect the literary style of writing had on its audience.

The Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.) also gives a concise history of England, Scotland, and Ireland, using secondary materials from the 19th and early 20th centuries. It provides a look into these nations’ culture, politics, and major events. This collection is full of sound scholarship and will help you better understand the historical, social, and philosophical context of key religious events and figures of that time.

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  • Volumes: 22
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