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Perseus Arabic Collection (4 vols.)

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The Perseus Arabic Collection brings you two English translations of the Quran and two Arabic-English lexicons. These works will bring you a deeper understanding of the Muslim faith, making this collection perfect for apologetics or comparative studies.

One of the most significant pieces of modern literature is the Quran. The Quran is the single most important work in Arabic literature and the Muslim religion. According to Muslims, the Quran is considered to be the veritable word of God—following the Old and New Testaments—revealed to the prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. This holy book of Islam provides the code of living for members of the Islamic faith, which accounts for over one billion people. Though Muslims believe that the Arabic translation of the Quran cannot be reproduced in any other language form, the two translations contained in this collection are rendered almost literally.

Along with the two translations are two Arab-English lexicons, containing all the classical Arabic words. These invaluable resources make Arab language study available to you and will bring you greater understanding as you read through the Quran in its original language. As a result, you can learn what Muslims believe and use that knowledge in comparative studies, apologetics, and evangelism to Muslims.

The Perseus Arabic Collection allows you to study the writings of Muhammad, and gain a better perspective and understanding of the Muslim faith and the text of the Quran.

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NOTE: Logos Bible Software is not endorsing the Quran as an additional Bible for your library, but rather as a tool for researching and studying the text of another world religion. As an aid for comparative religion studies, the Quran should be seen as another tool for research within your library. Logos strives to carry texts that will allow its users to better study the Word of God and its relation and application to the world in which we live.

Resource Experts


  • Buckwalter
  • Edward William Lane
  • Muhammad M. Pickthall
  • M. H. Shakir
  • Muhammad M. Pickthall
  • H. Anthony Salmoné

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  • Publisher: Perseus Digital Library
  • Volumes: 37
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    It's okay but needs improvment. The Pickthall English translation of the Quran could be better intergrated with the Logos program.
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