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The People's Bible: Complete Set

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Many people have found The People’s Bible to be the most reliable Bible commentary series published. It’s the laypeople’s Bible—down to earth, clearly written, easy to read and understand, filled with practical and contemporary applications. Each volume in The People's Bible series includes complete NIV Scripture texts followed by Christ-centered commentaries, explanations of the texts, historical background, maps, illustrations, and archaeological information.

With the Logos Bible Software edition, The People’s Bible: Complete Set is fully integrated with the other resources in your Logos library, including Bibles, maps, dictionaries, and numerous other Bible study tools. The Logos edition also allows you to perform powerful searches and word studies, and Scripture references are linked to the wealth of language resources in your digital library. This makes The People’s Bible: Complete Set more powerful and easier to access than ever before for reading, sermon preparation, research, and Bible study.

Resource Experts
  • Historical background
  • Maps, illustrations, and archaeological information
  • Practical and contemporary applications
  • Title: The People's Bible: Complete Set
  • Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House
  • Volumes: 42
  • Pages: 11,917
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The mission of Northwestern Publishing House is to deliver Biblically sound Christ-centered resources within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and beyond. The vision of Northwestern Publishing House is to be the premier resource for quality Lutheran materials faithful to the Scriptures and Lutheran confessions. NPH publishes materials for worship, vacation Bible school, Sunday school, and several other ministries. The NPH headquarters are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


7 ratings

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  1. chad ron

    chad ron


    A top quality Bible study resource that presents a conservative Christian perspective at an unbeatable price. This set of commentaries was once published by Concordia Publishing House (of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) and is still available from Northwestern Publishing House (of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod). Northwestern’s current price, has of 10 October 2018, for the printed edition is $620.47. In addition to the remarks from the Lutheran pastors/teachers/authors, each volume in this set contains the appropriate text of the NIV 1984, not the 2011 edition! A quick check of their copyright page and a few verses, such as Matthew 1:1, confirms this. Along with other helpful information the introductions often debunk “higher criticism” misconceptions, like the claim that the book of Isaiah was written by three authors (see intro to Isaiah, volume 2). Because you can run into all kinds of man made “theories” when reading through various commentaries on any given book of the Bible, it is good to have a well grounded commentary that focuses on the Word of God as inerrant and Christ centered, and that is what the People’s Bible Commentary provides. At the same time, there are some important differences between Lutherans and other mainstream Christian denominations that are reflected in these commentaries, such as the proper distention between Law and Gospel, a literal seven days of Creation, infant baptism, and the Real Presence—the body and blood of Christ in, with and under the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper—to name a few. For those interested in the End Times I'll point out that Lutherans are amillennial and view much of Revelation 20:1-6 as figurative language. By way of contrast, Lutherans view the words of Christ in Matthew 26:26, 28 (“This is My body," etc.) literally because they are spoken as a testament. Bottom line, many conservative Christians will find these commentaries explanatory, interpretative, and insightful, yet non-technical and agree with much of the material found in this People’s Bible Commentary, but it is fine-tuned to a distinctly Lutheran perspective.
  2. Emile Burgess

    Emile Burgess


    Excellent series. My go-to reference for a question I have about a passage. I regularly recommend it to all the members of the church I serve. The best thing about it is the priority of seeing Jesus in all of Scripture. It is thoroughly Christocentric (and therefore grace-focused). Other invaluable features: cultural context, insights into original Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic, every-day application for Christians.
  3. Mark Schutz

    Mark Schutz


  4. Myke Harbuck

    Myke Harbuck


  5. Angus K.F. Cheung
  6. Neal C Hegge

    Neal C Hegge


    Love it , Little wordy at times but I can count on its accuracy .
  7. Stephen David Parkin
    Like this one
  8. Brock Groth

    Brock Groth


    This series is excellent review for every section of Scripture. There are plenty of key little insights for Bible studies and sermons. The Greek and Hebrew nuggets are easy to understand. This is even an excellent resource to have available for congregation members, whether their Bible knowledge is on the lower end or the higher end.
  9. Jim McGarigle

    Jim McGarigle


    Excellent for Bible study, writing papers (the automatic citation feature in Logos works well with this set) and just sitting and learning about God's Word in front of your computer. A great set at a fraction of the retail price.


Collection value: $796.58
Save $576.59 (72%)
Payment plans available in cart