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Is Any One of You Sick?

ISBN: 9781857922424

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The most heard views expressed on the vexed subject of divine healing often come from entrenched camps. It is difficult to find someone with the medical, theological, and practical experience necessary to give advice on the subject that gives you confidence. Dr. Dilwyn Price was a medical practitioner who belonged to an evangelical church in the North of England. He was actively involved in the care of his church and suffered from cancer himself. He was able, therefore, to approach the subject from the point of view of a healthcare professional, a church leader, and a sufferer.

This book came about from Dr. Price wanting to discover what the Bible actually says about divine healing—what he found, from his special vantage point, is reproduced for your help too. In this book he considers other issues liek the role of prayer of local church leaders when a believer is sick, the contribution a healed person should make to the ongoing mission of the church, and the benefit or otherwise of healing meetings.

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“ strongly believe that if illness strikes, the proper course is to pray, seek medical help and continue to pray.” (Page 16)

“When you think about it, I believe you will agree that ‘gifts of healings’ are to the person healed or possibly to the church, rather than to one person who has some special skill in healing. David Watson said, ‘The gift of healing is not owned by a person, but is given to the one who is sick.’2 I think he meant that the gift is given by God to the one who is sick, rather than through an intermediary.” (Page 94)

“sin may be repeated over and over again and yet the illness does not go away” (Page 11)

“in faith is the God-given certainty that what we ask for will happen.” (Page 47)

“Sickness occurs because our world is not now perfect” (Page 25)

Product Details

  • Title: Is Any One of You Sick?
  • Author: Dilwyn Price
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 160

Dilwyn Price studied medicine at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University. In 1980 he settled with his wife, Pam, and their three children at Shotley Bridge, where he combined general practice with part-time hospital surgery. He became a deacon, junior church leader, and occasional preacher at Blackhill Baptist Church.

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    Digital list price: $14.99
    Save $3.00 (20%)