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Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology: Convergences and Divergences

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Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology explores the convergences and divergences between the theology of Karl Barth and historic evangelical faith, and on that basis presents ways for evangelicals to dynamically engage with Barth's theology. It is a balanced appraisal of Barth's theology from a solidly evangelical perspective and features contributions by many leading theologians, including Alister McGrath, Kevin Vanhoozer, Gabriel Fackre, and Henri Blocher.

Karl Barth is undoubtedly one of the most influential Christian theologians of the twentieth century. However, the reception of many evangelicals to Barth's theology has been complicated. Some evangelical theologians rejected his theology, arguing that his view of Scripture is inconsistent with historic evangelical views. Others accepted wholeheartedly Barth's emphasis on the Word of God and Christ-centered interpretation of the Gospel.

Praise for the Print Edition

This collection ought to do much to stimulate fresh evangelical engagement with one of the great gospel thinkers of the modern Christian tradition.

—Professor John Webster, University of Aberdeen

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  • Title: Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology: Convergences and Divergences
  • Author: Sung Wook Chung
  • Publisher: Paternoster
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 352

About Sung Wook Chung

Sung Wook Chung is Assistant Professor of Christian Theology at Denver Seminary.