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Dr. Ryrie's Articles
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Dr. Ryrie's Articles


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During his accomplished career, Charles Ryrie authored dozens of articles in academic journals and popular periodicals. His articles deal with theological topics, biblical texts, contemporary concerns, and other subjects.

This resource includes the following articles:

  • Credo
  • Is Your Home Scriptural?
  • Should a Christian Be Afraid?
  • The Significance of Pentecost
  • The Cleansing of the Leper
  • An Act of Divine Healing
  • The Necessity of Dispensationalism
  • The Pauline Doctrine of the Church
  • A Trilogy of Theology
  • Especially the Parchments
  • The Importance of Inerrancy
  • Apostasy in the Church
  • Calvinistic Emphases in the Geneva and Bishops' Bibles
  • The Mystery in Ephesians 3
  • The Bible and Evolution
  • The End of the Law
  • What is Spirituality?
  • The Christian and Civil Disobedience
  • The Doctrine of Capital Punishment
  • The Church and the Tribulation: A Review
  • Perspectives on Social Ethics, Part 1: Theological Perspectives on Social Ethics
  • Perspectives on Social Ethics, Part 2: Old Testament Perspectives on Social Ethics
  • Perspectives on Social Ethics, Part 3: Christ's Teachings on Social Ethics
  • Perspectives on Social Ethics, Part 4: Apostolic Perspectives on Social Ethics
  • Some Important Aspects of Biblical Inerrancy
  • Modern Galatianism
  • Satan's Counterfeit
  • Biblical Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage
  • Why Sacrifices in the Millennium? Interpretive Views of Ezekiel 40–48

Product Details

  • Title: Dr. Ryrie's Articles
  • Author: Charles C. Ryrie

About Charles C. Ryrie

Charles C. Ryrie is a renowned author and scholar. He has written dozens of books which have sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. As a scholar, he has served in several capacities throughout this career. He was ordained by the First Baptist Church in Alton, Illinois. He spent five years at Westmont College, first as professor, later as dean of men and chairman of biblical studies and philosophy. In 1958 he became president of Philadelphia College of Bible. He spent most of his career as a professor of systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. The father of three, he is now professor emeritus of systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary and acts as visiting professor of theology at Philadelphia College of Bible.

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