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Resisting Temptation in an Immoral Society

ISBN: 9781857922479
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Today, people are able to engage in choice in almost every aspect of their lives—choice is good; we look up to people who pursue their personal goals. The worship of choice enables people to pursue individual self-fulfillment as the main motivating force in their lives. Resisting temptation is not on their agenda.

The fallout in society is a higher level of crime, a lower standard of morality, abandonment of ethics at work and an increase in litigation, because failure in our lives must mean it's someone else's fault. The Church is also infiltrated—failing to resist temptation has led us to increasing divorce levels, scandal, and internal strife.

Colin Peckham's book is a practical guide to resisting temptation. We discover how temptation works, what places and times to avoid putting yourself into the danger zone, and how to escape, both practically and spiritually. He also supplies Scriptures to meditate on to defend ourselves during future trials.

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Key Features

  • An in-depth look at suffering and the sovereignty of God
  • An appendix dealing with annihilationism
  • A glossary of Scripture dealing with the subject of temptation
  • All Scripture references linked to the Bibles in your library

Top Highlights

“No-one would know about the fractured relationship except you and God” (Page 52)

“deny ungodliness and worldly lusts (Titus 2:11–12)” (Pages 31–32)

“Recognize the potential danger of the workplace. Conversations in the workplace should not include personal problems. Don’t discuss the failure of your spouse at the office. This will evoke a sympathetic response from those who feel that they could make you happy when your spouse is obviously not doing so. Don’t lean on the unavailable person. This is a language which the sexually adventurous will understand. Don’t tease with subtle insinuations, nor ask provocative questions. Don’t stare with meaningful, lingering looks.” (Pages 22–23)

“An immoral relationship is not an expression of love, but a revelation of selfish lust. Lust is a beast that can devour us. Love desires the best for another person, and endures pain, sacrificing selfish gratification for the good of the other.” (Page 9)

“Here we see the value of the Scripture and the impotence of Satan against it. The devil may tempt us to fall, but he cannot make us fall. He may persuade us to cast ourselves down but he cannot cast us down.” (Page 15)

Praise for the Print Edition

It sets the scene, describes temptation, warns against danger areas and danger times and has very practical, down-to-earth advice on how to escape these temptations both practically and spiritually. This reviewer does not know of any other book that gives such excellent consel, advice and warning that is, at the same time, biblically based, compassionate and practical.

—Spencer R. Cunnah & Mark A. Williams, Evangelical Magazine of Wales

Product Details

  • Title: Resisting Temptation in an Immoral Society
  • Author: Colin Peckham
  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 80

Rev. Dr. Colin Peckham L.Th. (Hons.), B.A.(Theol.), B.Th.Hons., M.Th., D.Th. was born in South Africa where he had ten years of evangelistic ministry and youth work before working at a Bible college in Cape Town for thirteen years. He then immigrated to Great Britain and for seventeen years was principal of the Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh, Scotland. As principal emeritus he now has an extensive preaching ministry in Britain and abroad and has authored several books. He is married to Mary, who spent fourteen years in evangelistic ministry before their marriage, and they have three adult children and two grandchildren.


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    Digital list price: $3.99
    Save $1.00 (25%)