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Judgment Seat of Christ

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781857929973


Are you spurred on by the thought of the reward that awaits you in heaven or do you regard this as carnal and superficial? R. T. Kendall looks at various aspects of the subject of judgment as it is described in the Bible. He interprets the relevant texts with sound exegesis that does not toe any particular denominational line.

Kendall gives a clear picture of the purposes and effects of the judgment. He also explores the effect of not living with right attitudes towards other believers or zeal for Christian work. All of the subjects discussed will have an effect on our reward. Without softening the process of God's judgment, Kendall shows that there will be many unexpected additions and omissions from God's book of life.

Key Features

  • An in-depth look at suffering and the sovereignty of God
  • An appendix dealing with annihilationism
  • A glossary of Scripture dealing with the subject of temptation
  • All Scripture references linked to the Bibles in your library

Praise for the Print Edition

Intensely practical and very readable . . . a book full of good matter.

English Churchman

There is much to think about and consider here and to receive the well done of the Lord is certainly worth fighting for.

Evangelism Today

Product Details

  • Title: Judgment Seat of Christ
  • Author: R. T. Kendall
  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 240

About R. T. Kendall

R. T. Kendall was born in the U.S.A but ministered for over twenty years at Westminster Chapel, London as a successor to Martyn Lloyd Jones. A prolific author and much-loved conference speaker, he has a great gift in helping people understand that biblical passages are relevant for today. Now retired, he has an extensive itinerant teaching ministry and lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.