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Jesus and the Victory of God

, 1996
ISBN: 9780281047178


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In this eagerly awaited second volume, N. T. Wright offers a penetrating assessment of the major scholarly contributions to the current ‘quest’ for the historical Jesus. He then sets out in fascinating detail of his own compelling account of how Jesus himself understood his mission: how he believed himself called to remake Israel, the people of God, around himself; how he announced God’s judgment on the Israel of his day, especially its Temple and hierarchy; and how he saw his own movement as the divinely ordained fulfillment of Israel’s destiny. This revolutionary message, articulated in parables and acted out symbolically in healings and celebratory meals, drew Jesus to Jerusalem—where, as he came to realize, his vocation demanded that he would die the death he had announced for the people. In obedience to this vocation, Jesus had come to realize that he was claiming to do and be what, in Jewish thought, only God can do and be.

Praise for the Print Edition

N. T. Wright [is] one of the most formidable of traditionalist Bible scholars.

—Richard N. Ostling, Time magazine

With this brilliant and thoroughly argued book, N. T. Wright has established himself as the leading British Jesus scholar of his generation. He thinks we can know quite a bit about the aims and beliefs of Jesus—not just about what he said and did but about the mind of Jesus himself.

—Marcus Borg, author of Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time

Tom Wright’s bold and brilliant book challenges us to rethink everything we thought we knew about the Jesus of history. Wright masterfully surveys the field of research on Jesus and proposes a fresh account of Jesus as a first-century Jewish apocalyptic prophet. . . . The result? A portrait of Jesus that situates him firmly ‘on the ground’ in the politics of first-century Judaism while integrating the data of the Gospel traditions in original and surprising ways. Wright’s sweeping hypothesis, presented in delightful lucid prose, sets a benchmark for all subsequent investigations of the historical Jesus.

—Richard B. Hays, Dean and George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina

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  • Title: Jesus and the Victory of God
  • Author: N. T. Wright
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 1996
  • Pages: 741
  • Christian Group: Anglican

About N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright commonly known as N. T. Wright or Tom Wright, is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St. Andrews University. Previously, he was the bishop of Durham. He has researched, taught, and lectured on the New Testament at McGill, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities, and has been named by Christianity Today as one of the top five theologians in the world. He is best known for his scholarly contributions to the historical study of Jesus and the New Perspective on Paul. His work interacts with the positions of James Dunn, E. P. Sanders, Marcus Borg, and Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Wright has written and lectured extensively around the world, authoring more than forty books and numerous articles in scholarly journals and popular periodicals. He is best known for his Christian Origins and the Question of God Series, of which four of the anticipated six volumes are finished.

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  • Title: Jesus and the Victory of God
  • Author: N. T. Wright
  • Series: Christian Origins and the Question of God
  • Publisher: SPCK
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N. T. Wright

Nicholas Thomas “Tom” Wright (1948–) has been named by Christianity Today as one of our time’s top theologians. He is currently professor of New Testament and early Christianity at St. Andrews University. Wright holds a bachelor’s degree in theology, a master’s in Anglican ministry, and a DPhil, all from University of Oxford.

A fellow and chaplain at Cambridge from 1978 to 1981, he then served as assistant professor of New Testament language and literature at McGill University in Montreal. Before becoming a chaplain, tutor, lecturer, and fellow at Oxford in 1986, Wright served as dean of Lichfield Cathedral, canon theologian of Westminster Abbey, and bishop of Durham.

His academic work has usually been published under the name “N. T. Wright,” but works such as What St. Paul Really Said and Simply Christian, aimed at a more popular readership, were published under the less formal name of “Tom Wright.”


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    This book (along with "The New Testament and the People of God") opened my eyes to the first century world of Jesus and his hearers. That was many years ago, and it has permanently reshaped the way I study the NT and the questions I ask. I can't recommend this highly enough.


Digital list price: $34.99
Save $7.00 (20%)