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Travels through Bible Lands Collection (15 vols.)

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The Dead Sea. Bethlehem. The Sea of Galilee. Jericho. Babylon. Cairo. These are but a few of the places visited by these courageous writers in the Travels through the Bible Lands Collection (15 Vols.). During the turn of the nineteenth century, traveling to and across the Holy Land was a dangerous and arduous journey for a Westerner. These diverse explorers—missionaries, writers, cartographers, theologians, ethnographers, diplomats, archeologists—risk the danger to trek the deserts between Egypt and Turkey, survey the caves of the Dead Sea, dig in the dirt of Babylon, fight disease in Beirut, spread the gospel in Turkey, and stand in awe of the pyramids of Egypt.

These fifteen volumes embody some of the best travel writing of the nineteenth century. After two failed expeditions, Henry Baker Tristram finally gets his chance to explore the east shore of the Dead Sea with the help of a prominent sheik and his armed men. Charles Warner chronicles his winter-long voyage through Egypt, culminating in an unforgettable Christmas spent on the Nile River. Austen Henry Layard and his team survive a perilous journey to The Holy Land, and make historical discoveries at the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon for their efforts. Ella Sykes, exploring the alleyways of Tehran and the beauty of the Indian desert, becomes one of the first European women to travel across Persia. William Wittman, a British surgeon, battles unfamiliar diseases as he treats patients from Turkey to Egypt on his long expedition with the British Army.

Each volume in this collection is rich with Scriptural landmarks, highlighting some of the most significant places from the Bible. Full of adventure and inspiration, Travels through Bible Lands Collection (15 Vols.) is a fascinating window into history that is perfect for any Logos collection.

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  • Title: Travels Through Bible Lands Collection (15 vols.)
  • Volumes: 15
  • Pages: 6,972
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Collection value: $149.86
Save $5.87 (3%)
Payment plans available in cart