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A Testimony of Jesus Christ

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In his book A Testimony of Jesus Christ, Tony Garland presents a detailed study of the Book of Revelation which emphasizes prophetic themes from the rest of the Bible which find their fulfillment in Revelation. To understand this controversial book, Garland explores the many connections between the visions seen by the Apostle John and previous prophetic revelation given to Old Testament prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and others. It is the author's conviction that an understanding of related passages elsewhere in the Bible is the most important key to unlocking the bewildering variety of interpretations which often accompany the study of the last book of the Bible. The commentary is linked to a free companion internet course providing an additional 70 hours of audio instruction linked to almost 1,000 slides.

  • Title: A Testimony of Jesus Christ 
  • Author: Tony Garland
  • Publisher: Galaxie Software
  • 1,172 pages

Tony Garland holds an Advanced Diploma in Systematic Theology and Advanced Diploma in Prophetic Studies from Tyndale Theological Seminary, and earned the Masters of Theological Studies (M. T. S.) and Doctor of Theology (Th. D.) degrees from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary.