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Theological Journal Library, vol. 13
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Theological journals are a tremendous resource for Biblical studies. However, anyone who has searched for copies of theological journals would know that they are difficult to find, impossible to buy, and even if you are fortunate enough to have a library of journals in print form, they take up lots of shelf space. With the print editions, finding the topic or Bible passage you are interested in is difficult, to say the least. The Theological Journal Libraries combine several of the best conservative, scholarly, evangelical journals and classic works on church history. This massive set allows you to rapidly search through all the titles for the words, phrases, topics, authors, passages, etc. which you are interested in.

Key Features

  • Hypertext jump from table of contents to journal article
  • Hypertext jump from verse references to that verse in your Bible (Logos version)
  • Cut and paste or export portions of articles to your word processor (footnotes are automatically created in your document)
  • Topics defined so you can search just article titles
  • Authors tagged so you can search just for articles written by certain author

Titles Included

  • Priscilla Papers (vols. 14–23)
  • Tyndale Bulletin (vols. 1–22)
  • Global Journal of Classical Theology (vols. 3–7)
  • Bibliotheca Sacra (vol. 166)
  • Christian Apologetics Journal (vol. 8)
  • Conspectus (vols. 7–9)
  • Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal (vol. 14)
  • Emmaus Journal (vol.17)
  • Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (vol. 14)
  • Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (vol. 52)
  • Journal of Ministry and Theology (vol. 13)
  • Journal of Dispensational Theology (vol. 13)
  • Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society (vol. 22)
  • Review and Expositor (vol. 106)
  • Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (vol. 13)
  • Trinity Journal (vol. 29)
  • Westminster Journal (vol. 71)

Product Details

  • Title:Theological Journal Library, vol. 13
  • Publisher: Galaxie