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Philippians (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament | BECNT)

ISBN: 9781441251008

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In this addition to the acclaimed BECNT series, Moises Silva provides a substantive yet accessible discussion of Philippians to help pastors, students, and teachers understand and explain this letter. Each passage is presented in three parts: Silva's own translation of the Greek text; exegesis and exposition of each unit of thought; and additional notes on textual matters. Throughout the commentary, Silva asks what is distinctive about this letter and shows how each passage contributes to Paul's overall argument.

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“Genuine Christian joy is not inward-looking. It is not by concentrating on our need for happiness, but on the needs of others, that we learn to rejoice.” (Page 194)

“The apostle, however, did not merely say that the gospel had continued to make progress in spite of adversity; rather, the adversity itself had turned out for the advancement of the gospel.” (Page 62)

“Perhaps Paul recognizes that the key to joy consists in shifting our attention away from ourselves and onto the needs of others.” (Page 86)

“Paul’s antidote is very clear: Let joy take the place of your discontent and anxiety. Look away from yourselves to the needs of your brothers, being willing to yield your rights and privileges for their sake. And as far as your needs are concerned, bring them all before God in an attitude of thankfulness for what he has already given you. If you do this, you will learn what true and unshakable contentment really is.” (Page 196)

“God’s peace transcends our intellectual powers precisely because believers experience it when it is unexpected, in circumstances that make it appear impossible: Paul suffering in prison, the Philippians threatened by quarrels within and by enemies without.” (Page 196)

One cannot but be impressed with Silva's skill as an exegete. His extreme care in analysing the text, his thorough understanding of the original language, his grasp of linguistic subtleties, his mastery of secondary sources--all combine to provide the reader with an excellent commentary.

—Gerald F. Hawthorne, Themelios

The exegetical discussion is fresh and vigorous, with good use being made of some of the ancient commentators and a judicious selection of the modern ones. . . . All who want a sound exegetical basis for their preaching and are prepared to wrestle with the Greek text will find that this is an ideal piece of work.

—I. Howard Marshall, Evangelical Quarterly

  • Title: Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Philippians
  • Author: Moises Silva
  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Publication Date: 1992
  • Pages: 272

Moisés Silva (born September 4, 1945) is a Cuban-born American biblical scholar and translator.


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