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God’s River: Romans 5:1-11

, 1959
ISBN: 9780802830142
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Part Four, God’s River, comments on Romans 5:1-11. Continuing his analysis of justification, Barnhouse shows “One of the most triumphant truths in Scripture is that we are justified by God; and one of the most triumphant expressions of this truth is Romans 5:1.” Barnhouse shows the way to and nature of Salvation for mankind as he takes on these issues in messages entitled “Our Seven-Fold Justification,” “Peace with God,” “God’s Purpose in Human Suffering,” “The Sources of Hope,” along with 19 others.

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“Many Bible students have noted seven statements in Scripture about justification: (1) We are justified by God (Rom. 8:33); (2) by grace (3:24); (3) by blood (5:9); (4) by the resurrection (4:25); (5) by faith (5:1); (6) by words (Mt. 12:37); and (7) by works (Jas. 2:21). It will be profitable for us to examine them in connection with our present text.” (Page 10)

“The blood of Christ is the biblical phrase for His sacrifice, His death, His atonement. He did not save us by living; He saved us by dying.” (Page 12)

“Now the correct translation of Romans 5:1 is not, as in the King James Version, ‘being justified’; since it is the aorist participle, it should read, ‘having been justified by faith.’” (Page 10)

“Third, as to the active communication of justification” (Page 11)

“This fact is of paramount importance: God has made peace, and no other peace can be made except that which He has already made. To talk about making your peace with God is to reject His peace. What would General MacArthur have said to the Japanese if they had brought their own peace terms? God will have no other peace with man than what He has made at the cross. If a man rejects the peace which God has provided through the Lord Jesus Christ, he remains at enmity with God. He must bear now and throughout eternity the holy wrath of God reserved for those who trample under foot the Son of God, who count the blood of the covenant unholy, and despise the Spirit of grace who pleads with their hearts (Heb. 10:29).” (Page 22)

  • Title: Romans: God’s River: Romans 5:1-11
  • Author: Donald Grey Barnhouse
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1959
  • Pages: 224

Donald Barnhouse (1895–1960) pastored the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for 33 years. He studied at several schools, including Biola, Princeton Seminary, Eastern Seminary, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Out of a desire to spread God’s Word to a large audience, Barnhouse began a radio broadcast that featured preaching. That radio program, The Bible Study Hour, was heard on over 400 stations and was later telecast. The program continues to air today under the name Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible. Because of the radio program’s popularity, Barnhouse was asked to speak at many Bible conferences.

In 1931, Barnhouse founded the monthly magazine Eternity. For over 30 years, he wrote a column in every single issue. He has also written several books, including the titles in Expositions of Bible Doctrines: Taking the Epistle to the Romans as a Point of Departure (4 vols.).


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Digital list price: $9.99
Save $2.00 (20%)