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Ugaritic-Hebrew Philology

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9788876533457


Ugaritic-Hebrew Philology is structured as addenda and corrigenda to Gordon’s Ugaritic Textbook. All three sections of Gordon’s work – grammar, texts, and glossary – are taken into consideration and commented upon in various details. The Logos Bible Software edition of these texts can be linked together, making it easy to find places where Dahood comments on Gordon’s text. The glossary section will function as a KeyLink destination for looking up Ugaritic Words, just like the glossary in Gordon’s Textbook.

  • Title: Ugaritic-Hebrew Philology
  • Author: Mitchell Dahood
  • Publisher: Pontificio Istituto Biblico
  • Publication Date: 1989
  • Pages: 89

Mitchell Dahood, an American Jesuit and an authority on Semitic studies, was a professor at the Pontifical Bible Institute. He is the author of Psalms I, II, and III in the Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries.