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Ugaritic Textbook, Revised Edition

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9788876532382


The Ugaritic Textbook is divided into 3 volumes. Volume 1 is a grammar. Volume 2 contains a great selection of texts in transliteration as well as a smaller selection of texts transcribed in the cuneiform script. The Logos Bible Software edition of these texts will be able to link and scroll with the Texts along with the Ugaritic Databank. Volume 3 is a glossary for looking up Ugaritic words, and contains a variety of indices to all three volumes.

Product Details

  • Title: Ugaritic Textbook, Volumes 1–3
  • Author: Cyrus Gordon
  • Publisher: Pontificio Istituto Biblico
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Pages: 573

About Cyrus Gordon

Cyrus Gordon taught at New York University where he was director of the Center for Ebla Research. Gordon published numerous important works on the Near East, including The Ancient Near East, Ugaritic Textbook, Forgotten Scripts, and The Common Ground of Greek and Hebrew Civilization.

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