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Ryrie Study Bible: New American Standard Bible (Notes only)

, 1995
ISBN: 9780802438669


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The tools within the Ryrie Study Bible help illuminate the content of the Bible, even though we cannot add to the power of God’s written Word. Throughout the centuries, God has spoken to his children through his inspired writings, and Scripture has molded more lives than any other book in history. The intent of the Ryrie Study Bible is to make the Bible more clear and meaningful to you. As you understand the history, culture, and geography of the first century, you will discover a deeper meaning behind the places of the Bible. Outlines, introductions, and study notes can help you make sense of complex issues and are a useful means for retention. If you take time to read the synopsis of Bible doctrine and other resources in the book, you will begin to sense a new level of maturity in your spiritual life. More important, by comprehending Scripture and its many messages, you will sense God working in your heart and changing your life.

The text of the NASB Bible is not included with this resource—only the study notes for the translation.
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  • Contains tools that help illuminate the content of the Bible
  • Provides context by revealing the history, culture, and geography of the first century
  • Completely interactive with your Logos library
  • Works with the text of your New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Like many of Ryrie’s other writings, the Study Bible has plowed new ground, providing the average reader with helpful introductory information on each of the books of the Bible (author, date, historical background, purpose, content, outline)...His ability to communicate to the layperson undoubtedly stands without peer...For Ryrie the authority is not society or experience, but the Bible.

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  • Title: Ryrie Study Bible: New American Standard Bible
  • Author: Charles Caldwell Ryrie
  • Publisher: Moody Press
  • Publication Date: 1995
Charles Caldwell Ryrie

Charles Caldwell Ryrie (1925–2016) was a renowned author and scholar and key figure in the theology of dispensationalism. He received degrees from Haverford College, Dallas Theological Seminary, University of Edinburgh, and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ryrie served as professor of systematic theology and dean of doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and professor at what is now Cairn University.

Along with frequently contributing to Bibliotheca Sacra, Ryrie authored over 25 books including Dr. Ryrie’s Articles, Transformed by his Glory, Nailing Down a Board: Serving Effectively on the Not-for-Profit Board, The Basis of Premillennial Faith, and Neo-orthodoxy.


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    One of the school required Bilble

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    I have the NASB Ryrie Study Bible 1995 is there a newer version?

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    Marshall Ong


    Wow, have been waiting for this one. Just purchased today. It looks to be updated to the latest Ryrie Study Bible with the nice charts and timelines. I was pleasantly shocked. Awesome. Will be one of my go to resources. Thank you Logos for this product.


Print list price: $34.99
Save $5.00 (14%)