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The New Bible Commentary (NBC)

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In recent years there have been many new developments in biblical scholarship, some challenging and some affirming scriptural accounts. This authoritative reference work brings together many of the finest scholars of our day to meet the needs of the church well into the twenty-first century. This readable and accessible volume offers sixty-six solid, concise, evangelical commentaries—one on each book of the Bible. Also provided are introductory material on date, authorship, purpose, key themes and a to-the-point outline of each book. These are followed by passage-by-passage and verse-by-verse comments (based on the NIV text) that open up Scripture in light of the most recent developments in scholarship. For forty years, the New Bible Commentary has set the standard for works of its kind. Now in this completely revised fourth edition, the New Bible Commentary retains its position as the leading one-volume commentary on the whole Bible.

Voted one of Christianity Today's 1995 Books of the Year

Resource Experts
  • Presents accessible, non-technical content
  • Includes a team of leading evangelical contributors
  • Provides readers with seven introductory articles on important biblical topics

Top Highlights

“The fact that Peter was clearly forgiven by Jesus and given new responsibilities, amounting to apostleship, despite his total denial of his Lord, can given genuine hope to Christians today who feel that they have denied Jesus and that this is unforgiveable. He calls only for our repentance and our love.” (Page 1065)

“The new converts didn’t merely add Christianity to their already busy lives, but devoted themselves to their Christian experience. V 42 is a compact description of Christian discipleship.” (Page 1072)

“God’s questions were designed to elicit confessions, not information; he knew perfectly well what they had done.” (Page 63)

“True prayer is not a technique nor a performance, but a relationship.” (Page 913)

“Neither blessed nor ‘happy’ adequately translates makarios, which is rather a term of congratulation and recommendation. These qualities are to be envied and emulated; they make up ‘the good life’. Each is followed by a reason, pointing out that no-one will be the loser by following this way of life, however unpromising it may appear in the short term. The rewards are at the level of spiritual experience and relationship with God rather than of material recompense. The key phrase, which opens and concludes the series, is theirs is the kingdom of heaven. This refers to the people who acknowledge God as their King and who may, therefore, confidently look forward to the fulfilment of his purpose in their lives.” (Page 910)

  • T. Desmond Alexander
  • Leslie C. Allen
  • David W. Baker
  • John A. Balchin
  • Joyce G. Baldwin
  • George R. Beasley-Murray
  • Roger T. Beckwith
  • John J. Bimson
  • G. Michael Butterworth
  • Donald A. Carson
  • David J. A. Clines
  • R. Alan Cole
  • Peter H. Davids
  • Michael A. Eaton
  • Sinclair B. Ferguson
  • Francis Foulkes
  • Richard T. France
  • Conrad Gempf
  • John E. Goldingay
  • Donald Guthrie
  • Gordon P. Hugenberger
  • Philip P. Jenson
  • F. Derek Kidner
  • Colin G. Kruse
  • I. Howard Marshall
  • J. Gordon McConville
  • L. John McGregor
  • Douglas J. Moo
  • Leon L. Morris
  • J. A. Motyer
  • Peter J. Naylor
  • David F. Payne
  • David F. Pennant
  • David G. Peterson
  • Moisks Silva
  • Douglas Stuart
  • Max Turner
  • Bruce Waltke
  • Barry G. Webb
  • Gordon J. Wenham
  • David H. Wheaton
  • Michael J. Wilcock
  • H. G. M. Williamson
  • Bruce Winter
  • Christopher J. H. Wright
For many years I recommended the old New Bible Commentary as the best of its kind on the market. I expect to find myself saying the same of this new work that replaces it.

—J. I. Packer, author of Knowing God

The 21st century edition of the New Bible Commentary will prove as valuable to the rising generations as its predecessors did to those of us who are older.

—D. Stuart Briscoe, author and pastor D. Stuart Briscoe, author and pastor>

IVP is to be congratulated on producing this new edition of the New Bible Commentary. I warmly commend it to all those wanting to understand the Bible in greater depth.

—George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

An excellent study guide for anyone who wants to take Scripture seriously. The New Bible Commentary allows its users to read Scripture in some of the best company currently available. A book which will seriously enrich its readers' faith and understanding.

—Alister E. McGrath, King's College, London

  • Title: The New Bible Commentary
  • Authors: D. A. Carson, R. T. France, J. Alec Motyer, Gordon J. Wenham
  • Edition: 4th ed.
  • Publisher: IVP
  • Print Publication Date: 1994
  • Logos Release Date: 2001
  • Pages: 1455
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible › Commentaries
  • Resource ID: LLS:29.1.12
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-04-14T19:30:21Z

Gordon J. Wenham (1943–) is recognized as an expert on the Pentateuch. He studied theology at Cambridge University and went on to do Old Testament research at King’s College, London. He also spent time at Harvard University and in Jerusalem at the Ecole Biblique and the Hebrew University.

J. Alec Motyer (1924–2016) was formerly Principal of Trinity College, Bristol. He also wrote The Prophecy of Isaiah, a landmark, single-volume commentary on the prophecy of Isaiah.

D. A. Carson (1946– ) is a respected professor, author, and speaker. He is currently research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he has been teaching since 1978 and the president of The Gospel Coalition.

R. T. France recently retired as principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and as rector of seven Anglican parishes. Among his many other books are Jesus and the Old Testament, The Evidence for Jesus, Matthew: Evangelist and Teacher, the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries volume on Matthew, and the Doubleday Bible Commentary volume on Mark. He is also coeditor of The New Bible Commentary: 21st-Century Edition.


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  1. Josh Gammariello
    Excellent commentary for devotional bible study.
  2. David S

    David S


  3. Rob Senn

    Rob Senn


  5. Henrik Sandström
  6. TnT Ministries
  7. Gregory Wolff

    Gregory Wolff


    This is the best, most solid, readable one-volume commentary available. This is compiled by sound biblical scholars who want the everyday believer to understand the Bible more completely. I would recommend this volume to anyone.
  8. Toney Stowers

    Toney Stowers


  9. Hong duli

    Hong duli


  10. Hany N. Abdelmalek


Digital list price: $39.99
Save $9.00 (22%)