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Dictionary of Theological Terms

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In this dictionary, you will explore the great doctrines of the Christian faith and find what the Bible teaches on the issues that are important to all Christians. It is an excellent resource for Christians at all levels of study. Pastors will find it a compact and dependable source of help for pulpit preparation, students will discover a wealth of information about theological terms and movements, Sunday school teachers will benefit from insights that give substance to their lessons, and everyone who loves the great doctrines of the faith will find the Dictionary of Theological Terms a constant source of instruction and enjoyment.

The third edition is revised from the second edition with almost one hundred new terms and expanded definitions of many of the other terms. And with the Logos edition, all Scripture references are linked to your preferred translation and topics can be searched instantly with the click of a mouse!

Resource Experts
  • Concise definitions of theological terms
  • Perfect for students and laity
  • Over 500 pages of definitions
  • Title: Dictionary of Theological Terms
  • Author: Alan Cairns
  • Publisher: Ambassador Emerald International
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 538

Alan G. Cairns (August 12, 1940 – November 5, 2020) was a Bible teacher, retired pastor, and author. A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, he was converted to Christianity through The Salvation Army. He joined the nascent Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster as a teenager. After working for an insurance brokerage in Belfast for two years, he was called to the ministry and attended the Theological Hall of his denomination. Cairns became pastor of Free Presbyterian churches in Dunmurry and then Ballymoney.


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  1. Lankford Oxendine
  2. Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne


    The title is a bit misleading. While Cairns does engage in defining certain theological terms, it is more like a very biased systematic theological treatment of theological terms from a high Calvinistic viewpoint. An attempt at more objectivity in the definitions would have been helpful, rather than all of the systematic theological axe-grinding. Many of the definitions are sorely lacking in content, such as the theological definition of “love.” While Cairns, like John Murray and Louis Berkhof (two mainstream Reformed theologians), does believe that God loves all mankind (which is conveyed elsewhere, such as on the “free offer” entry), one is still left with the impression from Cairn’s definition on the “love of God” that God only loves the elect. Not good. I’d recommend other theological dictionaries that are more exegetical in nature. In fact, if one wants a dictionary coming from a Reformed or Calvinistic theological viewpoint, Richard Muller’s more scientific “Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms” is exceedingly superior, both systematically and historically, to this dictionary.
  3. Paul Griffith
  4. Ovidiu Maduta

    Ovidiu Maduta


  5. Lankford Oxendine
  6. Ron Christensen
  7. Bill & Gail OBrallahan
  8. Vadim



  9. Rev. Douglas W. Holston
  10. W Russell Lyle III
Logos Blue Friday Flash Deals


Digital list price: $44.99
Regular price: $35.99
Save $18.00 (50%)