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Does Inspiration Demand Inerrancy?

ISBN: 9780934532075

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Here Custer surveys answers to the question, “Are there errors in the Bible?” from four perspectives: Liberal, Neo-Orthodox, Neo-Evangelical and strict Conservative. The author emphatically states that the most important answer to this question is the one which Scripture itself gives. In Part I, Custer shows the teaching of Scripture on the doctrine of inspiration; in Part II, he presents the different theological opinions on inspiration; and, in Part III, he examines some of the passages often advanced as errors to see if there are reasonable explanations. A glossary, notes, and a bibliography are included.

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“I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.’ This revelation of words is the basis of verbal inspiration.” (Page 14)

“ the Neo-Orthodox holds that it is not God’s revelation, but rather the witness to the revelation.” (Page 74)

“‘This influence of the Holy Spirit so guided and controlled the Biblical writers that the product of their writing was exactly what God intended and free from errors of every kind. Because of this, the Bible is called the infallible or inerrant Word of God.’20 This theologically exact definition is the historic faith of the church.” (Page 66)

“The modern Liberal movement draws directly on the work of the German theologian Schleiermacher. More than a century ago he taught that the true source of theology was not the Bible, but man’s religious consciousness.” (Page 68)

“God has put the moral law in the heart of man; and, consequently, human pronouncements of these laws are relatively common, but the ten commandments are a perfect statement of that moral law.” (Page 15)

  • Title: Does Inspiration Demand Inerrancy?
  • Author: Stewart Custer
  • Publisher: Craig Press
  • Publication Date: 1968
  • Pages: 120

Stewart Custer received a BA and MA in Bible and a PhD in Greek text from Bob Jones University. He began teaching at BJU in 1955 as a graduate assistant in Greek. Besides teaching biblical theology, methods of bible exposition, and advanced Greek courses at BJU, Custer was the director of the university’s planetarium and produced programs for public viewing. He was chairman of the division of Bible and editor of Biblical Viewpoint, the journal of BJU’s School of Religion, until his retirement. Custer has been in demand as an expository preacher, visiting many churches to present a series of expositions on a single book of Scripture, or to speak on specific topics such as the fallacies of evolution or the inspiration of the Bible. He currently serves as the pastor emeritus of Trinity Bible Church in Greer, South Carolina.


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    Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


    Digital list price: $13.99
    Regular price: $10.99
    Save $2.75 (25%)