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The Gospel of the King: A Commentary on Matthew

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Stewart Custer captures the reverent awe Matthew had for his Lord and communicates it with vivid detail and sound scholarship. Students of the Bible will appreciate the vital doctrines espoused within this commentary. Custer intends this commentary to provide pastors and lay-people alike with the necessary means to perceive the meaning of the great teachings of Jesus and the mighty sacrificial atonement He made for sinful mankind. In the Introduction Custer presents a list of choices, several outlines, and a list of Old Testament quotations. In a section on theology Custer discusses Matthew’s view of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, the kingdom, Moses and the Law, God’s revelation, and ethical conduct.

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“The word hypocrite (ὑποκριτής) occurs 13 times in Matt. (6:2, 5, 6; 7:5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 15, 23, 25, 27, 29; 24:51),” (Page 91)

“The Lord will not take second place in any disciple’s life.” (Page 132)

  • Title: The Gospel of the King: A Commentary on Matthew
  • Author: Stewart Custer
  • Publisher: BJU
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 529

Stewart Custer received a BA and MA in Bible and a PhD in Greek text from Bob Jones University. He began teaching at BJU in 1955 as a graduate assistant in Greek. Besides teaching biblical theology, methods of bible exposition, and advanced Greek courses at BJU, Custer was the director of the university’s planetarium and produced programs for public viewing. He was chairman of the division of Bible and editor of Biblical Viewpoint, the journal of BJU’s School of Religion, until his retirement. Custer has been in demand as an expository preacher, visiting many churches to present a series of expositions on a single book of Scripture, or to speak on specific topics such as the fallacies of evolution or the inspiration of the Bible. He currently serves as the pastor emeritus of Trinity Bible Church in Greer, South Carolina.


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    Digital list price: $35.99
    Save $8.00 (22%)