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Addresses on the Gospel of John

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In this volume of nearly seventy addresses on the Gospel of John, Ironside compares the four Gospels to one another and shows how each communicates an important facet of the Gospel message. John, however, uniquely communicates the deity of Christ. From the beginning, through the discourses, to the end of the Gospel, John presents Jesus as the Eternal Word made flesh for the redemption of the world. This commentary on the Gospel of John reinforces Jesus’ deity not only in the stories and the discourses in the book itself, but in the joys and struggles of contemporary culture. Ironside pays as much attention to the text as he does the pastoral implications for today.

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  • Title: Addresses on the Gospel of John
  • Author: H. A. Ironside
  • Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers
  • Publication Date: 1942
  • Pages: 891

About Harry Allen Ironside

Harry Allen Ironside, one of the twentieth century’s greatest preachers, was born in Toronto, Canada on October 14, 1876. Though his education stopped with grammar school, his fondness for reading and a retentive memory put his learning to use. His scholarship was recognized in academic circles when he received honorary degrees from Wheaton College and Bob Jones University and was invited as frequent lecturer at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Ironside was appointed to the boards of numerous Bible institutes, seminaries, and Christian organizations. He also served as director of the Africa Inland Mission. Ironside preached widely throughout the United States and abroad. He served as pastor of Moody Memorial Church from 1930 to 1948, and during his lifetime, he preached more than 7,000 sermons to over 1.25 million listeners.

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  • Title: Addresses on the Gospel of John
  • Author: H. A. Ironside
  • Series: Works of H.A. Ironside
  • Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers
  • Print Publication Date: 1942
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