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Brill Josephus and the Bible Collection (4 vols.)

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Flavius Josephus as a historical figure can only be described with the term "controversial." He is the man who mysteriously and perhaps suspiciously rose to the rank of general in the failed revolt against the Romans, an elevation in rank that was just as quickly followed by his surrender to them under the most unusual circumstances. The numerous rewards he received from the Romans did not gain him any adoration from his fellow Jews. And yet this enigmatic man is also one of the most passionate defenders of the Jews against anti-Semitism. He is praised as a careful writer of history, though contradictions regularly appear between his accounts of the Jewish War and his Jewish Antiquities.

But in spite of all of the unusual circumstances of his life and writings, Flavius Josephus is perhaps our best source for history in the first century and his paraphrase of the Old Testament represents an important and essential resource for Old Testament textual criticism, being one thousand years earlier than our most complete manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible. And on top of that, his discussions of Jewish religious practice and culture in the first century provide essential information available nowhere else.

For all these reasons, these studies provide an essential look at how Josephus' writings interface with Judaism, Christianity, and Scripture. With astute and valuable research that takes a close look at Josephus relationship to the Old Testament text, Septuagint, Jewish Culture, the New Testament, and even the Church Fathers, the Brill Josephus and the Bible Collection (4 vols.) is an essential tool for both students and scholars that becomes even more accessible with Logos Bible Software.

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  • Comprehensive examination of the Jewish Passover in Josephus
  • Numerous essays and studies on Josephus' paraphrase of the Old Testament
  • Thorough indexes for the works of Josephus and Scripture
  • Title: Josephus and the Bible Collection (4 vols.)
  • Publisher: Brill Academic
  • Volumes: 4
  • Pages: 1,899
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  1. David Paul

    David Paul


    Brill is out of their slap-happy minds for selling FOUR titles $275...cut that in half, you MIGHT have a deal. For crying out loud....


Collection value: $299.96
Save $24.97 (8%)
Payment plans available in cart