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A Complete Guide to Understanding the Dispensationalism Controversy
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A Complete Guide to Understanding the Dispensationalism Controversy


Disciple of Jesus Ministries 2007

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Have you ever wondered what to think about dispensationalism? Kerry Trahan’s A Complete Guide to Understanding the Dispensationalism Controversy is a highly comprehensive and accessible resource that will bring both sides of this controversial theory to light. Perfect for anybody seeking a greater understanding of the topic of dispensationalism, this book thoroughly details the history, tenets, and opposing viewpoints surrounding this form of biblical interpretation. Trahan explores the definition of the term and the interpretation of the theory from a strong biblical standpoint, sharing with us his great wealth of knowledge based on years of studying the topic.

Broken down into three parts, Trahan's dissertation first discusses the meaning behind the term “dispensationalism,” pulling definitons and quotes from many respected theologians such as Charles Ryrie, C. I. Scofield, and H. A. Ironside. Section two details Charles Ryrie’s three “sine qua non,” or essentials, of dispensationalism, and the third section of this informative book explains some secondary theological issues, most of which relate to eschatology.

This guide to dispensationalism, published in 2007, is an excellent resource for those wanting to learn more about all aspects of the topic. With Logos Bible Software, Trahan's writings are more accessible than ever. You can instantly view Scripture references contained in A Complete Guide to Understanding the Dispensationalism Controversy by hovering your mouse over them, and searching becomes an easy one-click breeze.

Key Features

  • Careful and detailed analysis of the theory of dispensationalism
  • Extensive appendix of the biblical usage of the word “law” and its variations
  • Rich with scriptural references and quotes from an array of esteemed theologians

Praise for the Print Edition

It is a valuable book, very thorough research. Would be best as a teaching tool for pastors, college and seminary students. A good pastor's book.

—Pastor David Brown, PhD

Kerry Trahan has brought clarity to a complex and controversial subject with his Complete Guide to Understanding the Dispensationalism Controversy. This book is an excellent resource guide for those who want to go deep into the history of dispensationalism, its terms and definitions, its theological perspectives and the opposing views of non-dispensationalists.

—Evangelist Mike Gendron

Kerry Trahan does a masterful job of reviving dispensational knowledge in an easy to understand way. I strongly recommend A Complete Guide to Understanding the Dispensationalism Controversy to anyone who wants to read and understand the history and prophecies of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

—Pastor Kevin Lea

Product Details

  • Title: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Dispensationalism Controversy
  • Author: Kerry Trahan
  • Publisher: Disciple of Jesus Ministries, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 344

About Kerry Trahan

Kerry Trahan is a contemporary theologian, writer, and pastor of A Church of Jesus in Port Neches, TX. He received his PhD at Louisiana Baptist University in 2005, then his ThD at Louisiana Theological Seminary in 2007.

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