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Raamattu 1933, 1938 (Finnish Bible)

, 2009
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Logos is pleased to offer this translation, finished in 1933 and first published in its completed version in 1938.

The first Finnish translation appeared in 1548 by Mikael Agricola. He used Luther’s German Bible as the translation base. In 1632, the Bible was again translated into Finnish, but this time using the original language texts. The complete version appeared in 1642, and new editions were issued in 1685, 1758, and 1776. In the early twentieth century, the need for an updated translation of the Bible into Finnish had become apparent. Work on the new translation was begun in 1911 at the initiative of the Finnish Bible Society and the Finnish Lutheran Church. The first translation work was finished in 1933, and the completed version was published in 1938.

Product Details

  • Title: Raamattu
  • Publication Date: 1933, 1938