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Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: Five Views

ISBN: 9781441227898

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To most people, today’s youth ministry has a single goal: to make faithful disciples of young people. However, digging deeper into various programs, books, and concepts reveals substantive differences among the approaches. In this multiview work, Chap Clark brings together a diverse group of leaders to present five major views on youth ministry. Each contributor expresses his view of what the foundation of youth ministry should be for the modern church, and responds to the other contributors’ views. The result is a multifaceted work that will provide youth leaders with a wider perspective of youth ministry.

For more resources on youth ministry, check out the Youth Ministry and Leadership Collection (20 vols.).

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Key Features

  • Presents five diverse views on youth ministry
  • Offers a multifaceted perspective for youth leaders
  • Provides a discussion on what works in youth ministry

Contents and Contributors

  • View One: Greg Stier
  • View Two: Brian Cosby
  • View Three: Chap Clark
  • View Four: Fernando Arzola
  • View Five: Ron Hunter

Top Highlights

“The goal of youth ministry as adoption is for every child, every adolescent, and every young adult to be so embraced by the community of faith that they know they always have a home, a people, and a place where they can discover who they are and how they are able to contribute. In short, youth ministry is adopting young people into the family of God.” (Page 85)

“Give the gospel relentlessly in youth group meetings.” (Page 10)

“It takes the entire faith community, and the global church, to commit to the long-term embrace of children, adolescents, emerging adults, and everyone else who calls Christ Lord to provide the emotional and relational environment God has for all of us.” (Pages 84–85)

“We have exchanged mission for meetings. We have separated evangelism and discipleship. We have turned outreach into a program instead of a lifestyle.” (Page 4)

“Teenagers have more information about God than they have experience of him. Get them in places where they have to rely on God.’” (Page 8)

Praise for the Print Edition

Teenagers need thoughtful, theologically grounded youth leaders more than ever. Youth Ministry in the 21st Century asks the right questions and helps leaders devise innovative responses.

—Kara Powell, executive director, Fuller Youth Institute

As a former youth pastor and Youth For Christ director turned educator, I welcome the critical thinking, assessment, consensus, collaboration, varying perspectives, and even the disagreement found in this book. And while I embrace discussions of theory, this project helpfully transforms theories into the building blocks of ministry practices, skill sets, and practical theology.

—Steve Vandegriff, professor of Christian leadership and church ministries, Liberty University

Youth Ministry in the 21st Century triggers deep reflection about models and motives and will facilitate advancement of that very kingdom enterprise, youth ministry.

—Len Kageler, professor of youth and family studies, Nyack College

Vice provost for master’s programs and professor of youth, family, and culture. He also serves as director of the Student Leadership Project and Institute of Youth Ministry. On faculty since 1997, he created and directs Fuller’s Doctor of Ministry program in Youth, Family and Culture, and oversees PhD students who are studying youth and family ministry, youth culture, and adolescent development. Additionally, he is the School ofTheology’s representative to the Fuller Youth Institute. A well-known practitioner, adolescent and family scholar, and author, Clark has more than 30 years’ experience in direct ministry, including 15 years with Young Life, as well as positions with several churches, Denver Seminary, and Youth Specialties. He is currently on the teaching team of Montrose Church in Montrose, California and the Senior Editor of Youthworker Journal. Dr. Clark has remained in direct ministry with young people, and is committed to the equipping and training of men and women who recognize the Church’s mandate of reaching out to young people in the name of Christ. Clark’s extensive publication of books, articles, and videos focus primarily on relationships. Among his many books are When Kids Hurt: Helping Adults Navigate the Adolescent Maze (2009), Disconnected: Parenting Teens in a MySpace World (2007, co-authored with his wife, Dee), Deep Justice in a Broken World: Helping Your Kids Serve Others and Right the Wrongs Around Them (2007, coauthored with Kara Powell), Deep Ministry in a Shallow World (2006, co-authored with Kara Powell), Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers (2004, a CBA finalist for Book of the Year, available in Spanish and Cantonese), Teens and Sex: A Leadership Video Curriculum for the American Association of Christian Counselors (2003), From Father to Son (2002), Daughters and Dads (1998), The Youth Worker’s Handbook to Family Ministry (1997), Creative Bible Lessons in Romans (1996, translated into Spanish, 2000), Let Me Ask You This...Conversations that Draw Couples Closer (1991), Great Camps and Retreats (1990, translated into Korean, 2000), and Option Plays (1990). In 1987 Clark published Next Time I Fall in Love, which was soon expanded into a leader’s guide, student journal, and a video curriculum. He has also edited and contributed to major youth and family ministry texts. Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching: Parenting, culture (esp. youth culture, media, etc.), marriage, youth development, youth and family ministry, general church and parachurch ministry, leadership and teamwork, and spiritual formation

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Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Regular price: $22.99
Save $5.75 (25%)