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Mobile Ed: Kings of Israel Bundle (2 Courses)

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Learn what Samuel and Kings say through their own words and through the lens of their original contexts, and discover how they shape discipleship today. This two-course Kings of Israel Bundle will not only enrich your understanding of the Historical Books, it will also improve your exegetical skills. From the birth of Samuel to the exiles of Israel and Judah, these courses explore the textual and theological issues in these historical books.

In OT321 Book Study: 1 & 2 Samuel, Dr. David Lamb provides an in-depth study of the book of Samuel, beginning with an introduction to the composition of the book and continuing with discussion of the roles of biblical prophets, the seven major sections of Samuel, various textual issues, poetry, and key themes.

In OT325 Book Study: 1 & 2 Kings, Dr. David Lamb explores the book of Kings, including a discussion of where Kings fits into the canon of Scripture, its literary issues, historical issues, theological issues, and commentary on the text.

Both of these courses are fully integrated into your existing Logos Bible Software, taking your studies and learning experience to new levels.

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  • Title: Kings of Israel Bundle
  • Instructor: Dr. David Lamb
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 2
  • Video Hours: 16
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About David Lamb

Dr. David Lamb is associate professor of Old Testament at Biblical Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He has been teaching Old Testament at Biblical Seminary since 2006, and has been blogging (www.davidtlamb.com) since the spring of 2011. His dissertation, Righteous Jehu and His Evil Heirs, was published in 2007 (Oxford) and his book God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist? was published in 2011 (InterVarsity Press).


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  1. M. Fred Haltom
    I wish Logos would carry David Lamb's book "God Behaving Badly" as a stand along product.


Collection value: $879.98
Save $349.99 (39%)
Starting at $43.84/mo at checkout