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Creation as Science

, 2006
ISBN: 9781576835784
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Who or what shaped the cosmos and life? In the heated battle over evolution, creation, and intelligent design, all sides have become deeply entrenched. Dialogue has vanished amid the smoke and shrapnel.

Astronomer and author Hugh Ross leaps into the fray with a unique approach—one that brings real hope for progress in pursuit of the truth. In Creation as Science he proposes that any account (or model) of how the universe, life, and humans came to be deserves serious consideration if and only if it is verifiable/falsifiable. A valid model must stand or fall by the scientific method. It must address the why questions and successfully predict what ongoing research will reveal.

This book introduces one such model, the Reasons to Believe (RTB) Creation Model. While many voices argue that creation is a strictly religious notion, Ross demonstrates that it can also be a scientific one. His model incorporates what the latest research says—in striking harmony with the Bible—about:

• The origin and expansion of the universe

• What life demands of a galaxy, star, and planet

• How and when life formed

• How changes in the sun impacted the fossil record

• The emergence and sustenance of humanity and civilization

Ross concludes with a stunning assertion: Scientists’ willingness to consider creation as a testable possibility can boost scientific advance and spark a resurgence of interest in the scientific enterprise.

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This is the most scientifically compelling compilation I have ever read that demonstrates the work of a purposeful Creator in founding the universe, Earth, and life. Through page after page of precisely cited mainstream research studies from the world’s most highly recognized scientific journals, Ross demonstrates the fine-tuning that was required to prepare the universe and Earth for human life. If scientists would read this book, they’d be confronted with overwhelming evidence from astronomy, biology, and chemistry that would likely shake their preconceptions and change the way they teach.

—James M. Tour, Ph.D., professor of chemistry, Rice University

  • Title: Creation as Science
  • Author: Hugh Ross
  • Publisher: Navpress
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 295

Hugh Norman Ross (born July 24, 1945) is a Canadian-born astrophysicist and creationist Christian apologist. He has a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics, and later established his own ministry called Reasons To Believe, that promotes progressive and day-age forms of old Earth creationism.


Digital list price: $19.99
Save $4.00 (20%)