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The Creator and the Cosmos

, 2001
ISBN: 9781576832882


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Few of us can venture outside on a clear, dark night and not pause for a silent, reflective look at the stars. For countless centuries, people have felt a sense of wonder about the heavens. How did our universe come into being? Has it always been here? Is our existence due to random chance or supernatural design? Is God out there? If so, what is he like?

Traditionally, the church has answered such questions with Scripture, while science has contributed theories and formulas of its own. Torn between a deep respect for church doctrines and an intellectual need for answers that support what their senses are telling them, many Christians have avoided such discussions altogether.

Actually, the two sides are no longer that far apart. In The Creator and the Cosmos, astronomer Hugh Ross explains how recent scientific measurements of the universe have clearly pointed to the existence of God. Whether you’re looking for scientific support for your faith or new reasons to believe, The Creator and the Cosmos will enable you to see the Creator for yourself.

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A compelling summary of scientific evidence that supports belief in God and the Word of God, written on a level even the non-technically trained layperson can understand.

—Walter L. Bradley, professor and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University

In The Creator and the Cosmos, Dr. Hugh Ross shows how recent cosmological discoveries clearly indicate the universe was created with many characteristics fine-tuned for our life. Though many scientists may resist the logical conclusion, the Creator implied by the scientific evidence is exactly consistent with the God revealed in the Bible.

—Dr. Kyle M. Cudworth, Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago

The Creator and the Cosmos constitutes a remarkable journey through the most recent scientific findings, providing overwhelming support for design in our universe. Dr. Ross has documented the evidence for design in our universe in such a thorough, yet readable, style that it will prove to be of great value both to the science student as well as to the interested layperson.

—Dr. David H. Rogstad, physicist, Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • Title: The Creator and the Cosmos
  • Author: Hugh Ross
  • Publisher: Colorado Springs, Colorado: Navpress
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 267

Hugh Norman Ross (born July 24, 1945) is a Canadian-born astrophysicist and creationist Christian apologist. He has a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics, and is senior scholar, founder, and former president of Reasons to Believe, an organization dedicated to demonstrating the compatibility of science and the Christian faith. His books include Weathering Climate ChangeImprobable Planet and Designed to the Core.


2 ratings

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  1. Mattillo



    Please get the latest edition of this book. This one is outdated and this is important when science is involved.

  2. Dean Poulos

    Dean Poulos


  3. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith


    A little bit outdated now but still fascinating. I found my pre 16 education of physics was only just about to keep up and I ended up skipping to the end of a chapter a few times.


Digital list price: $14.99
Save $3.00 (20%)