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The Duties of Parents (Classics of Reformed Spirituality)

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The Duties of Parents is the best known-known work of Dutch Further Reformation leader Jacobus Koelman. Outlining 282 guidelines for Christian parenting, Koelman emphasizes the need for loving, thoughtful discipline. He describes the need for good schools and teachers, and encourages the latter to realize their great responsibility. The Duties of Parents gives readers an important glimpse at the theological and practical concerns of the developing Protestant tradition, and it offers practical application for raising children today.

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Resource Experts
  • Emphasizes the need for loving, thoughtful discipline
  • Outlines 282 guidelines for Christian parenting
  • Offers practical application for raising children today
  • Rules for Expectant Parents
  • Teaching the Little Ones
  • Instructions on Teaching Children from Their Sixth to Their Twelfth Year
  • Teaching the Virtues of Godliness
  • Teaching Victory over Particular Sins
  • Teaching Children How to Pray
  • Teaching Godliness by Conversation
  • Rules for Living a True Faith
  • Additional Rules for Teaching Godliness
  • Rules for the Physical and Material Well-being of Children

Top Highlights

“parents must labor for the salvation of the souls of their children” (Page 22)

“Once they can speak, let them say your prayer after you, in a reverent manner, without letting their eyes wander hither and yon. And if you pray passionately and fervently, sometimes with tears, they will repeat the words with more feeling and remember them better.” (Page 47)

“Let their hands be folded and let them for a short while be very quiet when something is being prayed for so that at a very early age, before they themselves begin to pray, a quiet reverence may be instilled in them with respect to prayer.” (Page 44)

“Promise and swear to God by a holy oath, both mother and father, that you will try to bring up your children in accord with the demand of this sealed covenant. And pray, accordingly, for grace and help.” (Page 41)

“This makes the Lord angry and is attended by misfortunes and diseases. It also runs contrary to natural affection for the unborn child.” (Page 38)

Jacobus Koelman (1632–1695) was one of the most outspoken and influential leaders of the Dutch Further Reformation. He wrote 44 books, and he translated dozens of others.


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    Print list price: $15.00
    Save $2.01 (13%)